Don't Laugh at My Romance

Don't Laugh at My Romance

The love story of a young male student and a woman lecturer at art college.

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Nilufer R (ca) wrote: I'd totally be more interested if the cast was more familiar. They weren't bad but not knowing anyone made me feel weird. The plot was good, it got way better in the second half.

Steven H (jp) wrote: If Adrien Brody was not in this film it would be best to just flush this trash ---down the toilet. I feel sorry Mr. Brody playing a taciturn NYkr FBI special agent to help all the poor acting within this basic slasher film. Maybe he just wanted the the money.The criminal has no appeal and even the Italian backdrop was poor---I mean they use a disfunction city gas reservior as "yellows" hideaway. What a waste of Milan!!!! If Argento is a copy in Hitchcockin proportion then "the Blob" is Casa Blanca.

Caesar M (gb) wrote: It been a while since I've reviewed a Jackie Chan movie so I decided to check out his first dramatic role without any fighting. I'm happy to say even without his Martial Art skills Chan is still great actor. The Shinjuku Incident is about Tietou repairs who misses his sweetheart Xiu Xiu, back in Japan, she having never sent any news to her family or him. While illegally emigrating to Japan, Tietou loses his Chinese documents and so cannot return to his country. He is welcomed by his countrymen who lodge and work in Shinjuku where they also help him to find illegal work. Now the story is easier to follow compare to a similar Johnnie To Triad movie Election, just because the story is easier to follow doesn't make it superior. For one the movie really doesn't go into detail into how the crime organization system works and it's not as complex or as interesting as it is in Election. What it does benefits from is Chan finally plays a character that gets allot character development which makes Tietou the most fleshed out character Chan ever played. We also get many subplots that work well getting you closer to it characters, but some of the subplots aren't as interesting as they could have been and some characters are easily forgettable. This has to be one of Chan best dramatic performance ever. He's so dedicated to playing this character who isn't invincible and is more realistic than most of Chan roles that you forget the guy knows Martial Art. The supporting cast is good, but they don't perform at the level as Chan does. Which is really disappointing because Chan does a great job bringing his character, Tietou, to life and I didn't feel the rest of the cast were truly dedicated to there characters. One thing I love about this movie is the atmosphere, thanks to it location you really get a feel for the world and people around it. You actually feel like it's a real world in the movie. The Shinjuku Incident may have it flaws in it story and Chan is the only actor you feel like actually put any effort into his role. Chan proves that he could do more than just fight, he proves he can carry a dramatic very successfully and I can't wait to see him in more dramatic roles.

Raya P (br) wrote: for some reason i got less than i wanted of it.. and i still can't figure out why... it's just that something was missing.

Cathy C (de) wrote: Really crucial with bland story,weak animation, and weird characters. Planet 51 is just a bad planet outside the solar system. Review by Logan Cornn.

Robert H (ca) wrote: This is a play... not a movie. Even if technically it is a movie, it really plays as though it's just a movie of a play. The monologues just keep coming and coming and the sets look like they were for a high school musical. Visually, the costumes and style are interesting and the characters/acting aren't bad. But this film should be left alone. Trust me

Pip D (ag) wrote: Sometimes I have to question my friend's taste in movies.

Danny L (mx) wrote: Lo mejor que tiene son los Puntos de giros.

Kaspars R (jp) wrote: Very simple, little funny story with interesting ending. Cann't say I enjoyed it.

Ryan G (jp) wrote: one of the best damn documentaries I have ever seen and although definitely one sided the evidence that has been presented cannot be disputed

Desiree (gb) wrote: this is my fav. movie of all if you have pleaz let me kno*

Lilith M (mx) wrote: Morbid, depressing, made me cry like a little girl... however I loved it

Chris H (it) wrote: Cronenberg is one of my favourite directors, so I'm so glad they released these early films of his on DVD. They have clever notions in them, but they're quite hard to follow and become truly engaged in. I've only seen them once. I feel they need mutliple watches, paying sharp attention, to begin to see their true merits.

Dave H (es) wrote: The first third is a text book case in bio-pics, a great framing device and early life intro, with very efficient sequeways. I especially loved the bit where Cohan met his future wife. But once Cohan hits the big time, the film drags like hell in the second half, featuring lots of songs (and stagey, patriotic/propagandic performances) which surely were beloved at the times, but seem kinds wearing now - especially the bits without Cagney. Because frankly, the little guy is the entire show here (well, him and Walter Huston, who also resonates), and not just in the (ok) singing and (sensational) dancing bits - mostly its just great to watch Cagney bounce off others in the comedic bits (like the theatre agents and his primary competitor on Broadway). Yet he also brings some poignancy to the role at times, less so in his rote relationship with his wife, but quite a bit in his relationship with his family. "My mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my sister thanks you, and I thank you." Not a classic (to me) but great to know some of the history now behind that awesome centrepiece statue in my beloved Times Square.