Don't Stop Dreaming

Don't Stop Dreaming

Hoping to make it big in the music world, a group of slacker friends quit their jobs and form a multicultural band, much to the dismay of their parents. The bandmates include an African Elvis imitator on guitar, a Chinese cross-dressing drummer, a George Harrison-style hippie and two ex-waitresses as backup singers. The motley crew just might become stars and realize their dreams if they can win a high-profile competition and a trip to America.

Set in Birmingham, it is the story of a girl and her two friends who start a multi-cultural-ethnic band. Against their parents wishes they put together spirit and energy to express themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M W (gb) wrote: Why commit suicide? You only lose everything. So what's a good reason? What? Revenge. And so this film looks at the motivation of some Palestinian boys fed up with the powerlessness in their own lives and decide to take matters into their own hands. Interesting and original, if simplistic.

Bryce L (au) wrote: Great music, generic storyline. Pretty entertaining family movie :D

Frank C (ca) wrote: I hated Cyndi Lauper but this movie changed my opinion. Now I think she is great.

Leonard D (de) wrote: Heh, a promising action film, but makes me less interested in giving it a watch, no thanks to the reappearance of annoying characters!

Dave H (fr) wrote: I thought this was brilliant! It had me laughing the whole way. One of my favorite animated movies for sure. Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman were both fantastic.