Don't Take My Sunshine Away

Don't Take My Sunshine Away


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:English
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  • Country:Canada
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Don't Take My Sunshine Away torrent reviews

Aaron C (nl) wrote: the book was good too. this movie did for bubblebaths what psycho did for showers.

nauman a (es) wrote: Congrats tea-Gori Tere Pyar Mein. It made to the top of my all time worst movies.

Susannah V (de) wrote: reasonable film though too long with the druggy teenagers; so happy for happy ending

A R (ru) wrote: A terrific performance by Streep in a film which is more mildly interesting than it will ever be entertaining. Unfortunately, the film exhausts itself in agreeable ability without taking any risks. But it will gage attention and intrigue most.

Ryan J (es) wrote: my favorite actresses!

James L (ag) wrote: Here is a film that I had never heard of and was pleasantly surprised with how unique and detailed the storyline was....I also really liked the characters and how the story maintains a sense of mystery....3 Stars

Adrian Z (jp) wrote: Any movie with Billy Bob other than sling blad can go back to where it came from

Sam M (jp) wrote: I know I may be one of the few to say this but I think spike lee's 1999 film "summer of sam" is an outstanding movie. The acting is blistering and in my opinion good enough where I could be convinced it was a documentary. I think the reason everyone dissed this film is it wasn't your typical action packed serial killer tale. "Summer of sam" is a slow paced character study and won't appeal to people with a short attention span. The 70s soundtrack was fabulous and very accurate for its time period. So in my opinion better than spike lee's critically acclaimed 1989 film "do the right thing" and is my personal favorite spike lee film and one of my favorite films a 5/5 for me