Don't Talk to Strange Men

Don't Talk to Strange Men

An innocent girl is "groomed" over the telephone, and nearly becomes the victim of an attacker.

An innocent girl is "groomed" over the telephone, and nearly becomes the victim of an attacker . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee W (fr) wrote: Just plain Brilliant

Susana V (mx) wrote: Watched it because of De Niro. Horrible film, horribly filmed. Didn't like it at all. Can't stand F. Whitaker anymore.

Peter P (au) wrote: A huge step backwards in Marvel animation. The story is predictable, the voice work mediocre and the animation is uninspired. What a terrible let down after such a great live action movie.

Raquel T (mx) wrote: Entretenida y con un buen soundtrack. Eso es todo.

Larry W (es) wrote: One of the best anti-hero films I have ever seen. Beat "War Dogs" to the punch by eleven years.

Cameron F (gb) wrote: Political satire that uses a high school student body election as its backdrop. What ensues is a clever and genuinely tale of lust, jealousy and political correctness in middle America. Broderick delivers a career performance as a principal who despises a student and finds glory in watching her lose.

Daniel D (us) wrote: Pretty good. Great music I love how they followed 2 stories.but the end was pretty predictable and it probably wouldn't be poepular without tupac

John C (ag) wrote: I was looking forward to seeing Scarcrows because of the concept, it could have been great and I hoped it was, however it didn't quite live up to expectations. A group of robbers steal the payroll money from a nearby military base and hijack a plane to make their escape. During the flight, one of the robbers jumps out of the plane with all the money, backstabbing his friends, who soon fly around and jump out themselves in order to settle the score. Little do they know the cornfield they jump into has supernatural scarecrows hellbent on replacing their missing body parts with the real thing. A few of the cast pulled off their acting jobs just fine, but others didn't and it takes away from the film, as does the fact that the coolest looking scarecrows aren't the one that actually get up and walk, it's the more cheesy looking ones. Overall though it does alright for what it brings, a few death scenes, not too many considering the size of the cast only has seven people in it, and a few neat ideas for the transference of soul of the scarecrows into the human bodies to animate them, but it is still lacking by the end of it.

Samantha S (ag) wrote: sorry - drunkenness isn't funny

Boris P (ag) wrote: Sutherland is - as always - doing a good job showing us a man regretting his life but unable to stop it. And when love hits him for the first? time he is starting to make those fatal mistakes. An interesting look into an emotional crippled man trying to break out both of him self and of England.

Michael S (ru) wrote: Again, this is the MST3K version, not the actual movie. Slows down in the middle. Painful singing from Kitty. (Meow!) I like Jimmy's stupidity chart.

Leannie M (ru) wrote: A great movie for teens today!

spencer t (jp) wrote: Pretty good. Reminded me of Gattica, with a twist. Would have liked to see more Matt Bomer though.

Joseph W (de) wrote: Beautifully told rendition of an amazing true comeback story. I loved it! Annasophia Robb was the perfect casting choice for the brave & inspiring surfer Bethany Hamilton. Also, impressive cgi & prosthetic makeup work on the removal of the arm.