Don't Talk to Strangers

Don't Talk to Strangers

Unhappy marriage causes divorce. Brosnan (new husband) and wife attempt to build a new life, and move to a new state. However, the ex-husband follows and the story unfolds from there.

Unhappy marriage causes divorce. Brosnan (new husband) and wife attempt to build a new life, and move to a new state. However, the ex-husband follows and the story unfolds from there. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (ru) wrote: I can honestly say that I've never seen anything quite like WALTZ WITH BASHIR before. It's animated, but it's also a documentary which recounts director Ari Folman's attempt to reclaim long-suppressed memories of his involvement in the Lebanon War. The animation-documentary combination is an odd one, but nevertheless it works extraordinarily well with what the filmmakers seemed to be going for here. Although it mostly deals with firsthand war experiences, the larger theme is subjective and fragile nature of memory, particularly of the traumatic and painful variety. I don't really want to get into any specifics because to do so would spoil the impact. All I'll say is that this film builds rather slowly as different people are interviewed and details are revealed, and the climax is sure to provoke an emotional reaction. As far as the quality of the film is concerned, the animation is very well-done. The movement is a little odd at times, but this is due to them either using cut-outs or roto-scoping (maybe a combination of both?). I'm fairly certain that the interview scenes were based on actual film footage, but I could be wrong. The sequences in the past are distinguished from the present by having this watercolor-like, washed-out, yellow-tinged and dingy look, while the scenes in the present have more natural-looking color. Back to thematic content, there is also some discussion about dreams and how they relate to memory. And of course, since this film deals with a war (and massacre) issues of morality come up, if in a more subtle way than you might think. What I took away from this is that the Lebanon War (and Palestinian massacre) is something that weighs heavy on the Israeli/Jewish conscience. We as human beings tend to block out things from our memories that we find offensive and overly traumatic, and there probably is some cognitive dissonance between the very real atrocities visited on Jews in the past and the atrocities that they have inflicted, or at least passively observed being inflicted, on others. It should go without saying that this film deals with some very heavy subject matter, but it's very important that we as human beings are able to confront and deal with all memories, even the ones we'd like to forget.

Jack S (gb) wrote: better than I thought it was gonna be.....

Sanjay Y (de) wrote: Entertainment, Good music & acting.

Hi H (ag) wrote: Mumblecore is hilarious.

CJ C (mx) wrote: Bit tedious, but entertaining "spy" flick starring odd /self-conscious PPosey. Sequel to '97 film HENRY FOOL (maybe I should have seen that 1st). Luv JGoldblum tho.

Mark K (ru) wrote: almost to clever for its own good

Jon J (ag) wrote: Not a bad little film. (Ironically) A little preachy, but decent performance from a mix of known and unknown actors.

intuciic (jp) wrote: pretty good horror movie. good idea. watchable:)

BellaRay (us) wrote: Tell me! You have enough. Grrr.

Hisyam S (au) wrote: Kisah incest yang menarik, plotnya sedikit membosankan hampir nyerah nonton pas ditengah-tengah film.

Eileen M (kr) wrote: harshness, humor and wonderful characters

Brad S (de) wrote: I am completely lost as to why this film is so beloved. I really hated it. I forced myself to finish it because seemingly a film fan like myself should have seen this movie. But what a complete waste of my time. The music and writing are horrendous. It's all just noise that had no connection with me. I can't even believe this is a Scorsese film. It's nothing like his many great films. It's amateurish in its filmmaking craft and performances.

Matthew A (us) wrote: It's crap, but it's fun crap.

Shaun B (de) wrote: Both Roger Ebert and Scott Tobias (Onion A.V. Club) are spot on in their reviews of this movie. It's entertaining but mostly for the blood and gore violence and some decent shots of ancient warfare in the highlands of Scotland.

Smooth T (br) wrote: Why on earth does this have such a high rating? Was it really that groundbreaking when it first came out? This movie was awful. I gave it one full star for starting with a mildly interesting premise (albeit one that's been done a hundred times before), but in execution, this movie falls drastically short. The attraction between the protagonist and his operating system seems horribly forced; immediately introducing what is supposed to be a computer as a breathy, overly sensitive woman who can instantly banter and is capable of carrying on girlfriend-tier conversations with Theodore. Over the course of the movie, the computer displays jealousy, shyness, shame, love, arousal, desire, and other emotions that years after the movie's release immediately kill all suspension of disbelief, even if this movie were to be set in a distant future with more advanced artificial intelligence. Equally awkward is watching these A-list actors attempt to say their lines with a straight face as they admit to things like that their partner cheated on them with someone else's phone or that they've moved on from an ex because they bought a new OS. There was a scene of a double date near the end in which they sat around on a hilltop staring blankly at the ground and raising their eyebrows and tilting their heads for five minutes in complete silence. (I hope someone interviewed Chris Pratt on how awkward it was to shoot this movie.) Theodore spends the majority of the latter half of the movie avoiding phone calls from his phone. Since when does a phone need to call you to talk to you? Seriously?Every plot point that does not revolve around how amazing the OSes supposedly are is short and underdeveloped, and as such, every time we're supposed to identify with a main character having difficulties with their interpersonal relationships and seeking solace in technology, it just feels tired and distancing.Establishing at the beginning of the movie that the love interest is a computer automatically makes everything Samantha says feel incredibly fake, no matter how much Scarlett Johansson throws herself into her lines. We already know everything she's saying is based on her programming, and as such, we're subjected to a depressing two hours of a lonely man falling completely for a clever trick that basically equates to when we ask Siri to tell us a joke.The aesthetic of the movie is nice (although the decision to have so many of the main characters sporting cringey, creepy uncle moustaches was unfortunate) and the nice, colorful city shots are enjoyable for the first ten seconds, but then start to drag as the protagonist stares dramatically into the distance with his brows furrowed as he listens to his earbud. The person I saw was with was very moved, but I felt absolutely nothing watching this. It just made me wrinkle my nose and roll my eyes a few times. The only way I think this movie works is if you can see Samantha as a metaphor for a long-distance relationship, in which case the story is touching, but not particularly inspired. However, forcing the audience to stoop down and play along with your completely irrational love story of a gasping, moody computer making the protagonist depressed for two excruciating hours does not work. I could see this working a little better if they had made Samantha slightly more robotic, predictable, and with an even slightly even voice, but alas, they went for the melodrama. I regret watching this. Read a synopsis and don't waste your time.

Craig H (es) wrote: its a slow slow slow burn. while the cast has its moments its by the numbers cheap horror thrills and spills. Only good for a laugh with plenty of alcohol and a takeaway.

Laura L (fr) wrote: With an brilliant cast, a wonderfully nostalgic soundtrack, and a history lesson to boot, The Boat That Rocked never fails to put a smile on my face.

Nick P (es) wrote: This had good reviews? It's talented actors at their worst, with horrible direction. This film is as exciting as watching JGL riding a bike...which is exactly what it is.

Mohammed A (gb) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Dekcuf T (kr) wrote: it appeals to a certain group. If you are part of that group you will love it.