Don't Tell Anyone

Don't Tell Anyone

Based on the alleged autobiography of gay peruvian talk show host Jaime Bailey. Joaquin, a young man from the high class of Lima, deals with problems concerning his sexual identity as a child, then as a teenager pressured by his macho snobbish father, then as an independent lazy pot-smoking college student, and later as a cocaine addict in Lima and Miami.

Based on the alleged autobiography of gay peruvian talk show host Jaime Bailey. Joaquin, a young man from the high class of Lima, deals with problems concerning his sexual identity as a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (ca) wrote: This was a very sweet movie. Even Van der Beek did a decent job of not ruining the movie for me. The end was very sappy and just perfect.

Ian P (gb) wrote: Utter film-making failure.

Fernando R (kr) wrote: una muy buena historia moderna sobre como la ficcion y la realidad siempre van de la mano en nuestras vidas

Serge C (fr) wrote: Death penalty doesn't make moral sense ! If someone is innocent and we execute him, then we execute an innocent person. If someone is guilty but genuinely remorseful now, then we execute a reformed man. If someone is guilty but incapable to be genuinely remorseful because he is a psychopath, then we execute someone who is incapable to care about the wrongness of his crime. He may have intellectually known that killing is wrong, but psychopaths emotionally did not feel it was so. Imagine yourself in shoes of a psychopath - you are told that if you step on an ant it's wrong and you'll be sentenced to death, but you don't feel "wrong" stepping and killing ants. And in the impulse of a moment decided to squash a few. Then the society hangs you for that and you just don't feel why you'd ever deserve that. Now substitute ants with people for a psychopath and see why, while they have to be removed from the rest of the society when they commit crime, they cannot be put be morally put to death.

Bill B (ag) wrote: One of the surprisingly watchable latter-day Argento films, and one that has something of a built in appeal for the movie nerd crowd. I enjoyed it pretty well, if only because you get a glimpse of an Italian video store, which was pretty cool.Rental?

Fong K (nl) wrote: viewed on 24/7/04 (Sat)Some audience sniggered at the dialogue and when Zhang Ziyi's character 'refuses to die', they laughed even harder. They must have seen that embarassing HERO. Like me, we waited in keen anticipation only to be bitterly disappointed. HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS in that same genre apparently will make us more 'wary' of this movie.Well I was very skeptical but the first half of the movie is indeed impressive. Those who laughed at the seemingly corny lines may not realise that there is indeed some wit in them. I am pleasantly pleased already.There are some other similarities. The 'rain' of bamboo sticks and arrows remind me of that silly scene of Maggie Cheung 'sweeping away' arrows like a mad woman in HERO. In this movie, the effects are not out of place and truly awe-inspiring. And when I think the fight on the bamboo canopy in CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON cannot be topped. The fight in the bamboo forest in this movie breaks new grounds. Ok, all things went well until we are told it is in fact a love story with many many twists. I have no complaints about the twists. They keep the story riveting. The twist in the ending is indeed very touching. But I really wish Zhang Yimou will STOP making movies like this. I really miss those days when he made movies so endearing like RAISE THE RED LANTERN, THE STORY OF QIUJU, TO LIVE, NOT ONE LESS etc. Please Mr Zhang, you don't have to follow in that Mr Lee's footsteps. You are one sensational genius yourself.Rating: BExpected Rating: B

Chester M (jp) wrote: The first mockumentary I've seen that got deeper into the documentary aspects than the humor... The interview with Hugh Hefner alone makes this worth seeing...

Peggy V (ru) wrote: This is a hoax of what blissful is about!If it is a film about love, it's love-less, if it is a film about life existence it's life-less. This is an unsettling -dare I say disturbing - viewing of life, where the dull always stays dull, and the victim always stays a victim. Welcome to the celebration of the mundane where even the art of love is so mundane that under the name 'naturalistic' leaves no chance for the sensual, the loving and the erotic - it's only about the despair. Half star only for the scene of the umbrella, one instant look of pure love, one sequence of bursting into tears, and the captions/symbols on screen a la Trin Minha.

Nadine B (de) wrote: UGHH I tried....I really did...but halfway through, I gave's just too random and pointless for me, and I just couldn't care.

James O (de) wrote: Everyone in this movie graduated from the school of bad acting.

Carlos R (ru) wrote: It's well acted and well done, but it's such a boring film. Some scenes that were good were the ones that kept me awake.

Nik M (au) wrote: Mad Max benefits from Miller's stellar directing with action scenes that far outlast its dated editing style and occasional scriptural hiccups. The brilliance in the film is how well it captures a setting by entirely focusing it into its cinematography.

Sally A (es) wrote: I just adore these Marple movies starring Margaret Rutherford. There are so many ways to play Miss Marple and this one of my favourite portrayals! These don't follow the books terribly closely but they work just as well. Very cute and quite amusing murder mysteries! Highly Recommended!

Logan M (ca) wrote: "To Catch a Theif" is not one one of Hitchcock's masterpieces, but it doesn't fail to entertain.

Molly R (ru) wrote: The storyline is rather forgettable, but the screwball comedy is fun.

Bill T (ru) wrote: Almost underrated and underappreciated nowadays compared to other horror movies. This often hilarious movie, about, yes, a killer doll named Chucky, is equal parts scary and equal parts original.