Don't Tempt Me

Don't Tempt Me

Two angels, one from the heaven and one from the hell, come to earth to save the soul of a boxer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Spanish,English,French,Latin,Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   paris france,   prison,  

Two angels, one from the heaven and one from the hell, come to earth to save the soul of a boxer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony T (it) wrote: A million jokes that never land...

Eric L (gb) wrote: Most moving scene: when the dance instructor says "You have the heart, but you don't have the soul.. wait.. you have the soul, but you don't have the heart... thats not it... You have the heart and soul, but you don't have the talent".

Steve J (ag) wrote: Superb movie for young kids. Must see boy and dad.

Facu S (kr) wrote: Muy lindo drama romantico, no es la gran pelicula pero es muy disfrutable y recomendable! Un evento puede hacer que tu vida cambie para siempre en tan solo un segundo...

danah a (mx) wrote: didnt really like it.. expected it to be better ..

Lisa D (au) wrote: Convoluted, confusing, full of inconsistencies and one of the most irritating actresses I have ever seen, I lost all interest pretty soon. The only bit worth watching is the extended version of the drill death.. pretty gruesome.

Rob C (ag) wrote: Quirky and thoroughly delightful..A tale of lost love found again. Originally set in America, the writer changed the setting to Wales,which results in some beautiful locations. Brenda Blethyn and Alfred Molina are just low key enough to be believable. Walken as Frank is his usual over the top self and the rest of the cast is quite good as well. Many of the film's funniest moments happen in the background during exchanges of dialogue and have little or anything to do with the plot. The movie moves along quite nicely and has both a hilarious and charming climax.

Skylar E (ca) wrote: Finding Forrester is a better-than-average Good Will Hunting clone.

Jonathan G (es) wrote: It's not the type of movie you enjoy for what they attend it to be it is stupid silly the movie is funny because it's over serious tone John voight is the best part of the film giving an amazingly over the top performances almost at the level of nick cage

Michael G (mx) wrote: Could only get through about 25 minutes of this. Not because it's too gross or trashy, but because I found it boring and none of it made any sense. For me, this is unwatchable.

Lake M (br) wrote: For it's time, a VERY balsy movie.No other film had tackled inner city problems in schools, and the struggles teachers face to get their students to WANT to learn. Also featured racial, sexual, and social tension that were unseen at the time in Hollywood film.Also, a film that featured a strong black lead in Hollywood in the 1950s, and launched the great Sidney Poitier. Glenn Ford plays his role fantastically, and every character is believable in this film, and each character (teacher and student) represents a demographic in the educational and social hierarchy that we can still see today.

Olivier G (ru) wrote: Burt Lancasterradent revient mais cette fois ci en ayant vid une boite de cirage pour chaussure en daim sur sa gueule pour ressembler a un indien ! J'ai nomm Apache ! C'est l'histoire du dernier guerrier apache de la galaxie qui se fait capturer avec geronimo et qui est expuls jusqu'en Floride mais il parvient a s'evader vers St Louis et il retourne sur ses terres pour se venger. Mais en chemin il rencontre un cherokee (un gros 4x4) qui lui dit :"c'est bieng de semer des graines pour vivre comme l'homme blang putaing cong" et l Bronco n'est plus le meme il veut devenir fermier ! Mais a son retour, may il se fait arreter mais s'echappe une nouvelle fois et il veut se venger encore plus qu'avant ... En rsum il a les nerfs ! et Bronco ThePiche va fracasser la moiti du casting ! Une scne marrante prs de la riviere ou on voit l'ombre du cameraman ... LA GRANDE CLASSE QUOI !

rosina c (au) wrote: A fun musical. I like seeing different versions of this story so i knew the plot already. Although i like the singing i had already seen "Shop Around The Corner," and "You've Got Mail" so the story did not do that much for me. I liked the added thing about the violins.

The Critic (es) wrote: A consistently amusing caper (albeit one without much of a plot) that should please fans of Clint Eastwood. And although it's an unexceptional effort, the cast have fun with the material and manage to pull it off with a sense of redneck charm. A huge box-office hit, it was followed by 'Any Which Way You Can' (1980).

Hailey O (jp) wrote: The one that started it all

Jaro P (es) wrote: This movie is just not very good, Kevin Bacon on autopilot the whole flick!