Don't Throw That Knife

Don't Throw That Knife

The stooges become census takers and wind up in the apartment of a lady whose husband is both jealous and a knife thrower. When the husband arrives home, the boys try to hide, but are discovered, and after dodging some knives, leave on the run.

The stooges become census takers and wind up in the apartment of a lady whose husband is both jealous and a knife thrower. When the husband arrives home, the boys try to hide, but are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Don't Throw That Knife torrent reviews

Ernie P (ag) wrote: Disappointing! Less than thrilling! No common sense ending! Wanted my money back!

(es) wrote: Highly illustrative, purposeful, thought-provoking look at Iran's youth as well as its '79 revolution-supporting adults. Well shot. Tightly shot/edited.

Gina H (ag) wrote: I loved the storyline but it needed something more!

Kevin T (gb) wrote: A decent effort, yet too much was left unexplored and unexplained. Reminded me of Donnie Darko, but not a patch - probably just because the lead looked similar.

Dominic K (us) wrote: The China star always make such kind of movie.everything is weakI just feel happy that i watch it in free TV

Philip P (kr) wrote: Fun b movie that embraces the genre and source material

Sara C (au) wrote: it looks really cute, ne body kno if its good???

Barry H (gb) wrote: Suprisingly better than I thought

Hugo P (gb) wrote: not as good as the first

Tyler S (kr) wrote: The duo from White Men Can't Jump returned for a silly formulatic action movie, with a dumb script. The magic was not there as it was during their first collaboration and I think that took a lot away and fans were expecting more.

Jake A (mx) wrote: I am surprised that it has taken me this long to finally watch this film and even though it does suffer from some of the usual true life drama cliches and problems but with such a brilliant cast, cracking score, solid visuals and assured direction from Ron Howard this is a likable, entertaining and worthwhile film to watch.

Johnny B (fr) wrote: Not as edgy as Jodorowsky's more underground films (which aren't really so underground anymore thanks to official DVD releases). It's still probably his third best film though, and definitely worth watching for his fans.

Christopher S (ag) wrote: It's the best movie ever made....

Adam B (br) wrote: A down right terrible film . Some of the fight scenes were ok but everything else was grade F. Avoid at all costs

Cassie H (de) wrote: A great romantic comedy consisting of these great ingredients: a great soundtrack of Elvis music, James Caan, Sarah Jessica Parker & how can you forget Nicholas Cage. This is such a fun film! :)

Breeyon B (jp) wrote: A great closing act on the Mariachi trilogy full of great characters, action and full of humor as well. This sequel does not disappoint and surpasses its prior films.

Lovro H (ru) wrote: Well, I honestly think this was better than 12 Years A Slave.The movie is about a boy and his uncle doing jobs for their master. The jobs usually consist of the boy and his uncle finding black people's hideouts and telling their master where they are, so he can make them his slaves. But, the plot thickens as the two of them are asked to bring their master a man who he wants dead. So, the duo goes on a trip to find the man, but the boy gets really attached to him and doesn't want to bring him to their master. The movie is very powerful. It has some really amazing scenes. The acting was brilliant. Everyone did a great job with their roles. The boy impressed me the most. The characters are very interesting as you never know what they might do next. There are a few twists and turns along the way, which I won't spoil. The ending is very emotional. The soundtrack has some amazing pieces that fit the movie very well and make some of the scenes even more dramatic. The dialogue in the movie is great. You can really feel how the boy, Will, and the man he was sent out to find, Nate, connect and start a great friendship. There is a lot of emotion and power in this movie and I would really recommend you to give this movie a chance! Who knows, even you might like it more than the Oscar-winning 12 Years A Slave!

Andrey B (us) wrote: Remarkably charming and beautiful movie. Special effects are indeed incredible and riveting, no surprise it took Oscar for special effects. Of course it's overly sentimental and at times mushy but sometimes this is exactly what you need in a film. The cast is solid.

James w (ca) wrote: Honestly one of the best movies I've ever seen