Don't Touch My Children

Don't Touch My Children

A film inspired on the true story of the two abducted children of Janneke Schoonhoven. She struggled 2 years to get her abducted children back to Holland, from the father that took them to Syria.

A film inspired on the true story of the two abducted children of Janneke Schoonhoven. She struggled 2 years to get her abducted children back to Holland, from the father that took them to Syria. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrea D (ca) wrote: Absolutely adorable.

Kathleen W (au) wrote: Paul Giamatti could have saved this film if he didn't only appear in the very last act. He's so good. The rest of the film wasn't so good. You know when a film is going for a weird like, vibe, but you can feel it going for it, and you can feel that it's not getting there, and you're sitting there with it in that awkward space between where it is and where you'd both rather be. That's Cosmopolis.

Lyda M (br) wrote: "Do not answer this call. It's Derek Smeath." Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) loves to shop but how can she pay for all of her purchases without a job? Enter, Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy) who was impressed by Becky's article that he accepted her at Successful Saving. Based on Book Adaptations from Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella. However, the script is totally different from the book though. Lots of funny scenes. Loved the talking and moving mannequins and the scene where all of Becky's clothes came flying out of her closet. Julie Hagerty who played Hayley, Luke's Secretary is hilarious. Casting was spot on. However, acting fell short. Directed by P.J. Hogan.

Graham C (nl) wrote: Joyful, funny and with a doubt great casting !If you want a feel good film with some good old classic rock and roll then look no further!

Japes (de) wrote: The movie was about a couple med students who were practicing their skills on some dead bodies. One of the bodies was from Brazil, and the girl the body belonged to disturbed a bunch of spirits or something in an Aztec temple, so she became possessed and died. Then all those spirits followed her dead body to the medical lab, where it starts killing the med students and lab workers. Yeah, I don't know. The storyline was hard to follow. It made it way more complex than it needed to be. The movie didn't make ANY sense. One of the med students who claims to be an atheist, says she "feels a presence" when she starts practicing on the possessed body. People ask her over and over "Do you believe in spirits?" and she's always like "No". But over and over again she's like "I feel a presence! I know it's here!" and she starts acting really bizarre. Her behavior came out of nowhere actually now that I think about it. One minute she's a med student, then she does a complete 180 and turns into a ghost whisperer. Her obsession with finding out the history of her cadaver (the possessed girl's body), was very odd and really unrealistic. A doctor in training would definitely not get emotionally attached to the body they practice on. Medical students also aren't that stupid and immature. Some of the things those students did (like jumping into a tank filled with dead people in the med lab), was so uncalled for. It was so odd like why would they do that? They're supposed to be doctors not detectives. The characters (besides being immature and stupid) were not really well thought out people. None of them had personality. None of the characters gave me any reason to like them, except that one boy because he was so gorgeous. They were really unbelievable characters. We didn't get any background information on any of them. It was a mess. The characters developed relationships with each other so quickly. Romance was just thrown in there randomly. The writing was awful and so was the directing. The same guy wrote and directed the movie, so hopefully he'll get his shit together next time.

Nick O (mx) wrote: A little bland romantic comedy. Destiny in London with 3 guys, who happen to be friends that meet her at different times. Chick Flick

Darren R (us) wrote: My favourite design of all Godzilla's villains. Too bad everything else is incredibly generic.

alex f (jp) wrote: I loved this movie when I was a kid and it brought back a bunch of good moments and crappy CGI... I forgot the ending didnt really do anything but it was great to watch again.

Raji K (mx) wrote: Tom Hanks lives in a small suburb and is on vacation. He wants to take things easy and just keep an eye on the neighborhood. Although this includes just small disputes, nobody seems to know about the new neighbors that just moved in next door. The house makes tons of noise, and there is quite a bit of suspicious activity. When the old neighbor down the street becomes missing, they begin to suspect the new neighbors murdered him and tried to cover it up. The antics begin in this old comedy that is not full of laughs, but is entertaining enough.

John H (fr) wrote: It was okay could have been a little better.

Sebastian F (au) wrote: oh come on! I can make a way better Wendigo than this piece of crap

Mike L (ru) wrote: With color films there were a lot of movies in which women had red hair. This is one of them. It also has a remarkable similarity to I Love Lucy in which a red head marries an Hispanic musician. Jeanette McDonald plays a mother of three (Louise Morgan) who falls for Jose Iturbi (as himself), the great piano player. The twist is Louise does not tell her daughters that she has married Jose while the daughters are trying to get their mother and father, Mr. Morgan back together. Comedy happens when the whole group, at different times and each with varying combinations go to Mr. Morgan's boss, Edward Arnold as Robert Nelson to either get him to come back to town or to keep him away, always as he is eating dinner during these intrusions. It gives us a chance to hear Jeanette's great voice and to listen to Mr. Iturbi at the piano many times, along with Jane Powell, who plays one of the daughters, who also sings. It is also the only time I have seen a harmonica not only play in an orchestra but as a feature instrument. It is not particularly inventive but it is interesting as it is open about divorce, taboo back in the 40's, the cast is very good even if the story is not so great. This was Jeanette's last movie role and I believe her only one in color which in itself is note-worthy.

Greg T (gb) wrote: I suppose there's a first for everything - in the case of Bride Wars, it allowed for Anne Hathaway to give her first truly awful performance. Unfunny, sloppily made, filled to the brim with cliches, and really rather depressing to such an extent that watching it makes you die a little inside, Bride Wars is unrelenting in its awfulness.

Jude P (gb) wrote: A much better theme than many action flicks though predictable.

Rees R (ca) wrote: what is this piece of dogshit.