Don't Trip... He Ain't Through with Me Yet

Don't Trip... He Ain't Through with Me Yet

Steve Harvey, one of the Original Kings of Comedy, leaves his blue material at home in this stand-up performance in front of church-folk at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia

Steve Harvey, one of the Original Kings of Comedy, leaves his blue material at home in this stand-up performance in front of church-folk at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Don't Trip... He Ain't Through with Me Yet torrent reviews

Jonathan F (mx) wrote: Un des plus beaux films du monde ! A voir absolument (meme si malheureusement, il est assez difficile trouver) !

Christian P (nl) wrote: Well, if you like B movies, then not bad. Michael Shanks was the only decent actor...some of the seriously delivered lines from the cast left us in hysterics! With that said, and not being an overly critical viewer, I didn't hate this...but I certainly won't go out of my way to recommend it either...!

Craig M (it) wrote: Dysfunctional families are nothing new in movies, but this French Canadian film does a splendid job in it's portrayal of such a family that it feels fresh. The story spans several decades and captures each one perfectly. Zachary Beaulieu is the focus of the movie, who from an early age displays a rather sensitive, effeminate side. This does not go over well with his father though his mother is willing to let him be and even encourages him. As Zac enters into his teenage years a rift grows between himself and his father. Through many trials and hardships, it may end up taking an act of God to bring the two back together. The film does a great job in it's portrayal of Zac not as being straight or gay, but an honestly sexually-confused young man. Marc-Andre Grondin who plays Zac is outstanding in the part and captivating to watch.

Zurino O (de) wrote: Incredibly sexy (for 2*). Then it sadly spirals off into a bad B movie abyss.

Tim W (au) wrote: Silly and ridiculous, but fun and amusing. A good quirky off-beat parody on superhero movies. It knew what it was and didn't try to be anything else. Of course Ben Stiller was the worst part, as always.

Carlos I (ru) wrote: Oh jeez... what a scatterbrained mess. I was not expecting that. Definitely Spielberg's weakest effort. It's just too corny and all over the place. Shame to see such a great cast wasted.

Luca D (ag) wrote: Se si riesce a non ridere i primi 10min per via dei costumi e delle scenografie imbarazzanti ci si ritrova in mano un gran film! Ci sono degli evidenti limiti tecnici (dovuti piu' al budget che alla bravura del regista) ma il film e' molto interessante sia come atmosfere (tiene alta la tensione pur essendo del 1965) sia come storia che di per se' il finale non e' gran che, ma anticipa molto i tempi e gia' qua si puo' scorgere il filone zombie che qui chiamano vampiri ma sarebbe piu' corretto zombie (peccato che Romero non avesse ancora fatto il suo famosissimo film). Guardandolo alcune scene ricorderanno il primo Alien (ad esempio lo space jockey e' copiato al 100% da questo film), infatti Lo stesso ridley Scott ha ammesso di essersi ispirato al film di Bava.

Bill T (kr) wrote: The final thin man movie, and just a wee bit of a let down, as this is obviously not as well written as the other Thin Man movies, and somewhat oddly tries to go for the youthful crowd by inserting a jazzy sublot (Oh those crazy cats!) Sort of like the sitcom Ozzie's Girls with Ozzie Nelson and a pair of teenage girls. You're not too sure why they're there, and you feel sorry for them. The murder mystery is just ok.. for once, one of the more scummier people is the culprit, but Nick doesnt really do the dinner party finale this time, which really is a bummer. The weakest of the series.

Robert B (us) wrote: Ecellent doxumentary that reunites facts and depoimentos made by the people that meet her, a nanny that died in anonymatus in 2009, which her work was discovered in a auction, now she is considered one of the greatest street photographers of the century. 8,0 /10,0