Don't Worry About Me

Don't Worry About Me

London gentleman David spends a day and all his cash to bring his one-night stand a presentation folder at her office in Liverpool, only to be rather rudely ignored a minute later. After a night on the streets, he meets diner waitress Tina, who takes pity on him. David wins spending money at the race tracks and decides to spend it on a playful tour of the city guided by Tina, which is mainly an excuse to get close romantically and learn about each-other.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:statue,   beach,   catholic,  

London gentleman David spends a day and all his cash to bring his one-night stand a presentation folder at her office in Liverpool, only to be rather rudely ignored a minute later. After a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karthiram N (es) wrote: Most of the fight sequesnce deserve some good stunts.... they look effortless....

Lora R (br) wrote: Visually pleasing, but the parallel storyline was annoying and confusing at times. I liked the cast, but they were staring too much throughout the entire movie which felt kind of awkward.I haven't read the book or anything, but judging from just seeing the movie I found the story quite slow. It has a good meaning about friendship though.

Jake A (mx) wrote: This is a hugely effective thriller that manages to be thought provoking and have a timely plot all at the same time. It is also an absolute joy to see a thriller that doesn't rely on action scenes or stereotypes to wring out the thrills while also being really well acted by a diverse cast. It also looks great, I like the script and even though it does throw you all over the world and introduce a whole host of characters that may well not all be that developed but the characters it does choose to mainly focus on are reasonably well fleshed out for a thoroughly engrossing thriller.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 (2007) Feast Of Love ROMANTIC DRAMA You know a movie is not very good when the soap operas one can get from television can come up with a more interesting premised that is better than this which centers on the Morgon Freeman character looking back few weeks before to recount as well as narrate some failed relationships and successful ones. The movie stars Greg Kinnear who basically tries to do the best he can with his artificial character and Selma Blair as his going to be ex-wife to whom her husband doesn't pay too much attention to. Pretentious film doesn't offer anything more than an excuse to showcase some nice looking T and A of some well known actresses Radha Mitchell, Selma Blair and Alexa Davalos who goes full frontal. It may have worked had it been longer to flesh out it's main characters but not as a 2 hour film. 2 out of 4

Hannah M (us) wrote: This drama wanders around and around and ends in a stunningly tragic final act, but takes far too long getting there. It lost my interest long before the payoff. I remain unimpressed with Samantha Morton.

Jeff H (it) wrote: It's a camp movie, but it is not totally dumded down. Although there is the typical cliche camp movie stuff in here they also try to infuse some teeange drama in here for an older crowd to enjoy.

Joseph H (au) wrote: pretty decent,not bad.

Brian C (au) wrote: What a mess. There was a lot of potential with this movie (the storyline is quite good actually), but it is just a logistical mess.I am sorry but zombies don't teleport and have the ability to stare at women until their eyes bleed...So taking the nonsense away, we are left with a movie that is just ok. The practical special effects were pretty decent. In fact the 'throwing up' scene was awesome...also the drilling scene was pretty good too.But overall I was so disappointed. With the notoriety I was expecting more...perhaps too much. I loved House By the Cemetery (also by Fulcio), so i was expecting something of that calibre.

David M (fr) wrote: "The General who became a slave.The slave who became a Gladiator.The Gladiator who defied an Emperor.A striking story ..."So reads part of the script, with that particular line spoken by Joaquin Phoenix's Emperor Commodus towards the end of the film, and with (most of) it being used as part of the advertising for the film, with Russell Crowe as that General/Slave/Gladiator. This was also Oliver Reed's last film, passing away during the shooting of it which led to some scenes being re-worked and others having him digitally inserted into the proceedings. In many ways, this is also the film that led to a resurgence of 'historical epic' films although, to date, none have lived up to this one. The fact that this also has a great soundtrack and some brilliant battle sequences probably also helps!