Doña Bárbara

Doña Bárbara

A woman hardened by her past now runs a ranch she acquired through manipulation and bribery . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marc L (kr) wrote: Bon alors monsieur Iguchi, je voudrais bien voir un film avec des geisha qui seraient en mme temps des tueuses gages, c'est possible ? D'accord. Est-ce qu'on pourrait, de temps en temps, les voir s'entraner en dbardeur rose et reluquer leur petite culotte ? Comment ? C'est impratif pour sduire le public japonais ? Formidable. Vous croyez que a choquerait les gens si les geisha taient en fait des robots, avec des lames insres dans les poignets et des scies circulaires planques dans la bouche, et qu' la fin, elle affrontaient un chteau imprial japonais, mais qui serait en ralit un robot gant qui voudrait dtruire le mont Fuji ? C'est dans le script, les prothses, vous dtes ? Celui que vous avez repomp du "Machine girl" que vous aviez tourn il y a quelques annes ? Bah...tant que a ne gne personne. Alors, maintenant, juste pour voir jusqu'o vous tes prt aller...est-ce que vos robo-geisha pourraient pter des shurikens en rafales et tirer des jets de lait bouillant avec leurs seins ? Qu...quoi ? Vous me dites merci ? Vous allez le mettre dans le film ? Merci monsieur Iguchi, vous tes mon dieu.

Giannis C (es) wrote: I' m torn between 1 star and 4 stars

Willy B (ru) wrote: Quite Bad. Not sufficient character development, bad actors. How about the microphone sticking in the movie? Is that supposed to be professional? Very crucial: how did we understand that Kevin was arrested for the murder of the boss? Script failure.

Princess S (au) wrote: Lol ooooh ewwwww omg kinky.. Its like lesbian flicks only not.. haha

Laura D (gb) wrote: Heart. Felt movie , I cried a lot during the movies

Byron D (jp) wrote: An absolutely fascinating movie. Theoretical physics, history, drama, great acting and great writing

Christopher C (ca) wrote: While Bronson play a very slick Bond, he has none of the old Bond's charm or charisma. The action is very good. However, the story is pretty weak with a pretty weak villain. There was no build up for the villain so there was no emotional attachment to him.

nick t (us) wrote: It lacked the class and depth of Dances With Wolves. Some of the dialogue was weak. I'm no fan of Barbara Hershey. The scenery was very beautiful.

James M (fr) wrote: Al Pacino has been in so many turkeys recently it's easy to forget what a great actor he was. This is the movie that revived his flagging career in the late 80's and what a movie it is. Pacino plays a disillusioned, embittered detective who falls for a suspect in a murder case, Ellen Barkin, partnered with John Goodman on the case. All three performances are amongst their career bests in this Hitchcockian film noir.

Rodney E (au) wrote: Never really got into this but a friend used to always have this playing back in the day. I always thought it was pretty lame but must admit that I may have been warped by the cute little curly haired kid getting offed by a family member.

Morris N (mx) wrote: It's very good, but it has a very dark undertone that I didn't enjoy at all. I doubt I will see it again.

Shawn S (au) wrote: Edward Norton is excellent, the direction is great, and the story is poignant.

James B (ag) wrote: Predominately a silly romantic comedy, with not as many laughs as one may suspect from the film's premise, which ultimately lets this film down. There are many humouress options to take with the idea, but the film really fails to capitalise on them. It's also not helped with you are able to work out exactly what will happen at the end after only five minutes. It's laughable how predictable this film is. But despite all of these grievances, I did enjoy the film, and Patrick Dempsey is believable as the playboy who finally discovers he's in love with his best friend. Personally I thought Michelle Monaghan looked a bit out of place. The most enjoyable scenes are those with Dempsey and his basketball friends. A light romantic comedy, and nothing more.

Lee A (ca) wrote: A refreshing movie with someone standing up (i.e., risking his life) for good. A modern day Rio Bravo (or any other number of old westerns), with a little over the top action and silliness. Much of it was quite far fetched, but I still enjoyed it.

Jacob B (kr) wrote: Absolutely Anything boasts plenty of laughs and the late Robin Williams steals the show in a posthumous vocal performance as Dennis the Dog but these unfortunately can't save it from its disappointingly brief run time, effects and CGI aliens which don't look that great and the fact that this film is simply nothing but a British science fiction remake of Bruce Almighty with aliens rather than God. The moral of the story is: Don't fix what ain't broke.