Donor Unknown

Donor Unknown

Type A insurance fraud investigator Nick Stillman has his life extended by a heart transplant, only to be dismayed to discover that his donor was murdered so Nick could live.

Type A insurance fraud investigator Nick Stillman has his life extended by a heart transplant, only to be dismayed to discover that his donor was murdered so Nick could live. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Donor Unknown torrent reviews

Frank G (gb) wrote: B- = Slightly Above Average

Hadley H (br) wrote: Uh....thought provoking to say the least. I have no idea what was fantasy and what was reality. It boggled my mind.

Alejandro S (au) wrote: Ya haba hecho este review, pero quise retomarla y calificarla mejor. En su momento acaba de ver otras cintas que hicieron que luego mi opinin de esta se afectara. Pero ahora, luego de casi 2 aos de haberla visto, pudiendo opinar ms objetivamente, es una gran pelcula. Muy diferente, ya que aunque es produccin koreana, la locacin es en Holanda. Por lo que los escenarios son nicos en materia de ver cine asitico. Actua Jun Ji-hyun (me niego a llamarla Gianna Jun!) la cual considero una de las mejores actrices de pelcula en Korea y que ha logrado posicionarse bien internacionalmente con su cartera de filmes, lstima que sus recientes proyectos fuera de Korea han sido malos. Pero regresando a Daisy, es una cinta muy intensa que no solo agrada a los fans de cine asitico sino de cine en general. Altamente recomendada.

Private U (br) wrote: An amazing film that's thought-provoking, funny and emotional. Acting wasn't the best, but there were still some great moments. One of my favorite aspects is that this movie presents the (main) issue with no bias, and the story ends the way it should. My only problem is that I feel that there should've been more change as Tim goes from gay to straight besides the sex. Obviously these are two different cultures, and it would've been great to see how Tim adjusted. But that's my only vice- everything else is spectacular, and I highly recommend this to everyone, since this tackles so many issues and on a lot of different levels.

kimberley s (gb) wrote: not bad very good at the same time though.

Joetaeb D (es) wrote: It's predictable in most ways, but Aquamarine is cute, lighthearted and likable for girls, and has much more meaning in it's message than others.

Pia K (gb) wrote: Ihan mukiinmenev, tositapahtumiin perustuva leffa. Toisaalta tuli mieleen, ett olisikohan elokuva ollut uskottavampi, jos Julia Robetsin tilalla olisi ollut joku muu (tuntemattomapi?) nyttelij, hmmm...

Kenny N (br) wrote: This is not a children's film, and the book was certainly not a children's book. It attracted controversy because of this because people see cute little rabbits on screen and immediately assume "good for the whole family." The addition of a female character to the band that strikes out for points unknown was obviously added to try and tamp down the borderline sexist storyline of acquiring does that adds further fuel to the book's fire of controversy. This is one of the most unique books in literature, and the film is equally unique. Worth watching, no matter if you like cute little animals or not.

Alex B (fr) wrote: It took me a while to warm to this film, I think probably due to the fact that the tone and style become a little silly at times. However, once I got in to it I found it charming and witty, with a lot of humanity at it's core. Great stuff.

Gavin M (fr) wrote: Antoine Fuqua is not living up to his Training Day hype at all!

Matt B (kr) wrote: A lot of the old jokes are lazily mentioned again, but Meet the Fockers still packs a lot of humor thanks to its newest cast members, Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand.

Tyler H (us) wrote: This thrilling Disney tale (the companies first PG-13 film) could be considered by many one of Johnny Deeps best acting performances. This though is one of two things that really saved this film. It's interesting third act really surprised and entertained me while I felt the middling chapter feel flat. Overall though a good film. Though I don't think it should be considered to be a over 74% film but I am okay at where it sits because of its legacy and success in starting a franchise.

Doug W (de) wrote: For a movie you've never heard of, it was quite good. Don't go in thinking this is amazing, but, DO see this movie; give it a chance. Entertaining and worth while, nice twists and good acting. Poor screenwriting but otherwise thumbs up.

kyo 9 (ag) wrote: too stupid to watch.. skip a lot due to poor script..