Donovan's Brain

Donovan's Brain

A scientist takes a the brain of dead man and revives it via electrodes as it lays suspended in a tank of liquid. Soon, the brain grows to possess enormous psychic powers and inflicts its personality upon the doctor who saved creating a "Jekyll and Hyde" paradigm.

Yet another version of Curt Siodmak's novel about an honest scientist who keeps the brain of a ruthless dead millionaire (Donovan) alive in a tank. Donovan manages to impose his powerful ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Milla V (us) wrote: Jos tahdot tuhlata aikaasi, katso toki tama elokuva. Tasta olisi voinut jattaa 40 minuutin hiiviskelyt pimeassa talossa ja tiivistaa 20 minuuttiseksi, vaikka eihan elokuvan pituus paskaa juonta pelasta. Silent Housen hienous taitaa piilla siina etta se on kuvattu vain muutamalla otolla. En todellakaan suosittele ottamaan selvaa etta kuinka monella.

Mandy C (es) wrote: I hate to admit this, but it's true. Sandra and Louis shows incredible chemistry and definately pulls it through with their believeable act as a loving couple. Both their acting are natural and both seems really confortable acting together. One of it's kind comedy version of ancient china's superheroes. Although it is not as much action as we all expect from a superhero movie, not as romantic as we ever would imagine, with the same old boring storyline, this movie is still catchy in it's own way. One would seriously be unimpressed with the movie, unless of course you are a fan of Louis or Sandra, which in this case, I am a diehard fans of both :)

Millo T (au) wrote: Close to 2.5. Better for the comic side that from the action, as expected, but not funny enough.

Calvin R (mx) wrote: The ruins rely on its cliche, but it did have its moments. The story was ok, but the execution could have been better, the gore was really good, but excessive at times. Decent performance by a solid cast, and the script was ok. The Ruins did have its share of flaws, but it was intense, and a frightning concept.

Eli N (fr) wrote: This is definatly better than some of Hoopers other work such as Funhouse and Eaten Alive, but it's not as fun as those two films. And the plot in this film gets more and more ridiculous as the film progresses. And the characters in this film just don't feel real. This film also gets pretty boring. But this is definatly an okay film, but it's no Texas Chainsaw.

Zulf M (us) wrote: Another sniper movie. Has a feel of "straight to video" about it.

Liam P (gb) wrote: Cassavetes was wonderful at making such flawed and often totally un-likeable characters completely believeable and engaging.

Luc L (es) wrote: A good film about a world war II event.

SUGARFALL S (ag) wrote: Ashton looked like he was leaving the nest of THAT 70s SHOW with some promise. Clearly that promise-ring flopped as bad as Foremans ring did with Donna. However, before that happened, he made a few movies we truly enjoy. Far from award-winning fare, movies like THE BOSS'S DAUGHTER and KILLERS demonstrate Kutcher is capable of great hilarity! And maybe some savoir-faire. Somehow he just works it! Despite his notorious rep for cheating on one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the screen, impotence and his latest nonsense with Mila (hard to imagine anyone could believe such ridiculous fiction!) Ashton has aced half a dozen roles that not only suit him but will live long after his already depleted clout. GUESS WHO is one of them. Based tongue-in-cheek on the classic idea of GUESS WHOS COMING TO DINNER (not the movie itself)...the inverted notion reminds us that not only can black people be racist (and not just against whites) they can actually be downright rude as hell. The in-law element of comedy and drama has been milked for decades by every genre of the art world including movies and though it should be disturbing it can be funny as hell if you allow yourself to get past the unsettling elements of it. I personally find watching these stories make me wanna kick someone's ass for simply being rude as ****. Fortunately, Bernie Mac (who I didn't think was the least bit talented) is there's no repercussions simply saying let's hope his utterly douche character in the movie is no reflection of his real personality. As I've mentioned before reviewing Crossroads, knowing Zoe helps when watching the movie. Though her character should ideally support Ashton more, she's the only real level head in sight. And of course she's easy on the eyes.Bernie's dinosaur character stomps through central Tokyo of common sensibilities and without his arcane vulgarity there'd be no contrast for humor. Such is the necessary mechanics for comedy which is much harder than most think.It's for this reason that the ongoing offensiveness of this movie keeps you watching and makes you laugh if you let it. As Ashton did in THAT 70s SHOW, he continues to evolve his confidence in wearing dresses and anything else he needs to do to get a laugh -- something I admire. The truly disturbing wrinkle in this story is the poorly-created recipe for Zoe's disastrous reaction to Ashton's headless chicken act trying to dot every "I" and cross every "T" and keep all the plates turning as though the work a man does trying to keep women happy (which is nearly impossible) deserves no respect or appreciation. It's poorly written and -- let's hope to god -- inaccurate. Still the movie is worth watching and funny in that "offensive on every social level" way.Let's hope people like this don't exist and if they do we never get engaged to their kid