Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe

A group of teens break into a blind man's home thinking they'll get away with the perfect crime. They're wrong.

Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex and Money are three Detroit thieves who get their kicks by breaking into the houses of wealthy people. Hoping to walk away with a massive fortune, the trio breaks into the house of a blind man who isn't as helpless as he seems. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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shtivelman m (us) wrote: well if you ever wondered how did high hefner be come the super star he is today the answer lay in this flim. be a girl i really do not care about play boy but i do love a good bio pic so i was defgently not disaponted by this flim. i difently recomed this flim because it is great to hear a story of a driven smart man who was able to buld his over empary from scach. let be honsty it is the amarican dream.

Evan D (ca) wrote: I have to say that it would have worked better as a fifteen minute short film. Spending an hour and a half with that man was simply too much. This film was nothing more than a soapbox for Mr. Ellison to complain, whine, and brag to anyone who'll listen. Harlan, Buzz Lightyear put it best when he said "you are a sad, strange little man, and I pity you."

Chris D (kr) wrote: Wow, this was a film of which I have never seen before! Where do I start, mix a bit of modern pop video, loads of vivid colour, think of of Ken Russells "Tommy", and also think of Caro and Juenets "City Of Lost Children", some blood, bit of violence, pathos, superb acting, good storyline and then you can imagine how bizarre this DVD is. If you want something totally different this is it :)

Greg R (ru) wrote: A pretty funny satire/re-imagining of the classic Disney fairytale tropes.

S C (mx) wrote: High energy documentary about the origins of clowning/krumping. Surprised Tommy The Clown doesn't get more support considering the positive influence he seems to be having in the rougher neighborhoods of LA. The original music by Flii Stylz for the film is worth a CD buy.

Tyler M (es) wrote: Maddin should never work outside of his pseudo-early talkie film arena. I don't why I hated this so much when I like all of his other movies.

Marco M (us) wrote: A true story about a poet from North Wales during the first world war. A bit slow but touching and it nearly won the best foreign language film in 1993. Stood the test of time.

Hugh J (kr) wrote: Kristina Wayborn is fucking hot as hell. Too bad this movie couldn't hold my interest. Also, I don't like the setting. Or the villains. It's like 'Live and Let Die' except with people from the Middle East. More annoying than anything...

Juliano K (kr) wrote: I'm getting too old for very nice movies with probles with holes in the plot... Just dont run for the stairs when there's a killer behind you,,, run for the street!

Stephen E (ag) wrote: "Billy Jack" is a real overly pathetic attempt at inspiring resentment in the hearts of Native Americans. I'm sure that its creators meant well back when it was made, but viewed today, their once-relevant message has become strangely ironic. Also, Tom Laughlin's direction is as dull and one-note as his performance, which is laughably stone cold. He brings zero depth to the already uninteresting character of Billy Jack, who comes off as a cross between Chuck Norris and Smokey the Bear. Everything about "Billy Jack" reeks of amateurism, from its poorly-executed action sequences to its schmaltzy soundtrack to its B movie dialogue. It's so confused and dated that I doubt people related to it back in '71.

Kerr L (us) wrote: Better than expected and very uncomfortable.

Susie P (us) wrote: oddly dark with some awkward laughs

George O (de) wrote: It took a second, later viewing for me to appreciate how good this movie is. While suspension of disbelief is required for Streisand's transformation, the romantic-spiritual-feminist themes are well-played out and emotionally satisfying. The fine music is less about being a 'musical' and more operatic in its integration into the story. Yentl has not aged in its appeal.

Toby C (es) wrote: I was highly disappointed with this film after expecting much more. The movie is unclear on what it's trying to do as the movie turns to a mess in the last act.