Don't Grow Up

Don't Grow Up

The story about a group of youths who can't face the thought of growing up because anyone who does becomes a rampaging zombie.

The story about a group of youths who can't face the thought of growing up because anyone who does becomes a rampaging zombie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michelle A (us) wrote: no info = no interest

Chris H (nl) wrote: even by syfy channel standers this movie is just crap its hard to believe just how bad this movie really is I would never recommend this movie to any one because no ones deserves such pain

Ron S (br) wrote: Well it is extremely slow paced, dull, boring and monotonous, which, according to almost everyone else, makes it a work of genius. I think you could point a camera at any cluster of trees, film them for 2 hours and get the same effect.

Seth L (it) wrote: a film about passion for movies, family, beauty, talent - and life. que sera sera plays during the end credits. oui oui.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Well the title stinks for a start!

byyiassa p (us) wrote: gw cinta ma tsumabuke n hot!!!

Paul B (gb) wrote: movie is good. a little funny

Andrew (ca) wrote: A Childhood Favorite Of Mine! If You Like Movies About Monkeys You Will Like This One!

Matthew C (ca) wrote: A mostly forgotten gem from the Atomic Age, Fiend Without a Face is a fun movie about an invisible killer stalking the Canadian woods around a US Military observation base. Is it the new radar system being used to spy on Russia? Or is there something else going on? A good cast, some interesting twists, and good creature work make this one a lot of fun. Sure, it's not as awesome as Them!, but it's well worth tracking down.

Lewis E (ca) wrote: A comedy/horror hybrid about Irish police officers who have to fight alien creatures whilst drunk was only ever meant as a bit of fun. Definitely enjoys greater success in the comedy department as opposed to the scary side through its deliverance of wholesome humour but overall it's not a movie which firmly grabs your attention.

007 W (gb) wrote: The dark Knight is probably the best superhero movie ever made, in my opinion everything about this movie is great this is probably Christopher Nolan's best movie ever, The dark Knight has been said to be one of the greatest movies ever made her along with the one of the greatest trilogies ever made since there isn't much competition, it's a great movie, it's amazing

Ted W (nl) wrote: Good memorable book to movie adaptation starring people I don't know because I'm young and this movie came out in the 1950s or before that, I don't know. I like the story and how they show it but if they just coulda had some color, at least Technicolor, wizard of oz did it , why couldn't this do it to. I like the acting from the child actors but man, you can tell that they're just reading off a script, the kids don't have talent unlike the guy who plays atticus, scouts father, he does or I should say shows how good of an actor he is and that he cares for the role and he does a fantastic job.