A young policeman hunts down the men who caused the accident that put his politician father into a coma.

A young policeman hunts down the men who caused the accident that put his politician father into a coma. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gadde S (kr) wrote: entha cheppina emi rasina takkuve..

Michael C (it) wrote: Maybe the worst movie I've ever seen.

Hugh R (it) wrote: To call "Harry Brown" a "revenge flick" would be to do it a disservice. It does have shades of "Death Wish" and the original "Taken," but it is something more. There are underlying threads on the vulnerability of the common man, the ruthlessness of aging, and the ravages that time can bring upon relationships, society, and your very soul.Harry Brown (Michael Caine) is a recent widower. He eats alone, takes walks alone, and lives alone in a ghetto called "The Estate," in London. The only social contact he has is with his friend Len at the local dive pub where they play chess every afternoon. The city around the two elderly men is deteriorating. Gangs have formed around a framework of violence and drugs, and people even avoid walking through the local underpass for fear of what will happen in the dark. Len confides that he is terrified every moment and has decided to take a stand since the authorities will not. Harry cautions him but will not help. His memories of the violence of combat during World War II are too raw, and he cannot dare to dredge those feelings back up. When the police arrive at Harry's apartment to reveal the murder of poor Len, Harry feigns ignorance and begins to plan revenge upon those who would prey on decent people.And here we have the setting for a stereotypical revenge movie and all it entails. To be sure, there is violence and there is revenge, but Michael Caine and director Daniel Barber bring into this genre a fresh take. There is frailty in our hero emotionally, as well as physically. He is not the usual model-handsome rogue with three-day stubble who is a ninja as well as a computer expert. Harry can't even work a cell phone. All he has is a numbing readiness borne of long nights in dark places during the war and a determination brought about by the rightness of his cause. Michael Caine is both brittle and weak, as well as awe inspiringly strong, as he and the world around him seem not only plausible, but relatable to anyone who has experienced fear when walking alone. Here is a character that speaks to our hearts and minds as we contemplate the thought of growing older and the sadness of past glories never to be reclaimed. The memories of friends lost and the long, lonely nights to come.Sadly, this movie may not find much of an audience in America. It is too foreign, too stark, and not nearly fast paced enough for the usual action movie crowd. I have to admit that I only heard about it because I happened upon it on the shelves of new releases and was intrigued by simply seeing what Michael Caine would do with such a role. This is a good movie and it deserves an audience. If you have the chance and want to see a different take on a usually clich ridden genre, then give this one a go. You might be surprised at what you find.

Karen L (es) wrote: just a mediocre vampire vs werewolves movie

Dave J (mx) wrote: Monday, February 17, 2014 (2009) How I Got Lost DRAMA Written and directed by Joe Leonard directing the movie "How I Got Lost", which I have to say I got lost just by watching this, since the film can't really decide which person the film is really about. At the beginning, the movie focuses on Andrew (Aaron Stanford), as we see him get out of jail for doing something- I suspect for disorderly conduct. And it just happens that his best friend Jake(Jacob Fishel) paid for his bail. They're both a couple of New Yorkers, and are somehow been affected by the events of 9/11, since Andrew who's involved in stock trading but he often drinks a lot, while Jake whose a sports writer is trying to have a serious relationship with a girl he had met after the attacks, her name is Katie played by Jill Frutkin. Once Andrew get a call informing him that his dad had just died, he then drags his best friend Jake to come along with him instead of telling him the reason why they're going on a road trip, to a small town in Ohio. Once Andrew gets their for his dad's memorial service, he then throws a fit complaining about how they should've called him to inform him that his dad is dying, even though he initially said that he doesn't get along with his dad in the first place. Like does this make any sense, like if someone really cared, wouldn't the son himself call up his dad himself. Why make this burden as someone else's responsibility. Jake on the other hand, meets up with a single mom Leslie (Rosemarie DeWitt) who works at the town's diner, raising her own child who looks no more than a few months old, all by herself with no sight of the father whatsoever. Leslie eventually hooks up with Jake for a one-nighter even though he's committed to Katie back at New York and still gets angry after he finds out that she cheated on him with his best friend. God...this whole movie is baffling. It's like watching the worst drama variation of a Matt Damon and Ben Affleck relationship unfolding before your very eyes, since the movie has 'zero' clarification on the characters actions. Although, theirs many scenes of subtleness, it can only carry the movie for so much. 1 star out of 4

Torion O (us) wrote: Do not ask me why I watched this. The only way you can have fun watching this is with a group of friends joking around and mocking this film. Or just leaving it on while you do something else worthwhile and occasionally glance at it.

Marina N (jp) wrote: An interesting film - probably one of Kimer's best - about a murder committed on the Indian reservation and the conflict between the FBI and the native Americans. The film has a nice pace and is very atmospheric.

Tommy H (au) wrote: For those of you who think The Day After is a scary movie, welcome to Threads. The terrifying thing about this movie is watching humanity waste away after the fall of civilization. I didn't even feel sad watching the movie. I just felt shock and guilty disgust. The message of the film is so important you feel obligated to just accept what you're seeing, like a punishment, and learn from the experience. Hell on Earth is possible and we must be careful not to bring it on ourselves.

Shake Z (au) wrote: FDR: American Badass! is unquestionably hilarious and very creative. If you are like me, and you love silly, raunchy comedy, than definitely give this a watch.

Marc R (br) wrote: Cage and Shue give astonishing performances in this bleak but touching story about suffering and love's power. Figgis captures Las Vegas in a way that evokes a glittering, restless and dreary place unaware of its inhabitants, giving these 2 characters a sense of quiet and detachment from the rest of the world. Through love, they find temporary solace from their tragic existence. It's intimately made, but it covers a wide terrain of human emotion w/ raw sensibilities and an unflinching approach. It's a small triumph.

Kevin D (jp) wrote: A Slow yet Haunting FilmThe Canal is a rather interesting story about a man's increasing feelings of inadequacy and jealousy, as he tumbles down a macabre corridor of horrific events. It's a fairly simplistic and direct approach to a rather horrid series of events.Rupert Evans, portrays the central character David, a father and husband who works full time as a film archivist for a local university. He is in constant doubt with himself throughout this film, whether as a father or lover. Although, I found his emotional capacity rather bland at times, Evans does a great job in the first half of the film by showing a man spiraling out of control of his emotions, as his life unravels around him. His increasing anxiety and jealousy plays a large part of who he is as a man, and evidently these emotions lead to his undoing. He has a lot of screen time, so if you don't like this character, you may not enjoy the film itself, but I thought he did a fine job as the main focus of the film. Several other actors, especially Steve Oram as the tough and experienced homicide detective McNamara, did very well in their supporting roles.The Canal is certainly influenced by other films of this genre. I noticed the main plot devices weren't entirely dissimilar to several popular Japanese horror films, most notably "Ju-on: The Grudge" (2002) as well as "The Ring" (1998). Although, what I really enjoyed from this film was the use of the camera throughout the movie. There are some fantastic tight angles that made this film certainly feel creepy. There are other moments when you feel absolutely claustrophobic, or in complete panic due to the handling of the camera itself. Some of the low budget effects (including a scene with David talking to his son via laptop) were still intriguing enough to surprise me at times. The gorier moments of the movie were well thought out, and didn't rely on jump-scares or bloody reveals. In fact there is some pretty awful imagery and decent background story as well. It does have a rather slow pace, but at only an hour and a half it doesn't go on forever. The Canal is an effective horror film, and it does well for the short screen time it has.I think the most interesting aspect of the movie wasn't really the horror itself, though. You can watch it as a horror film if you like, but I found myself questioning what kind of film I was really watching. David certainly devolves into paranoia and delusions by the end of the film, but you have to ask yourself... is this because of an evil influence, or is it because David is completely insane. This film could be watched twice with either perspective (horror or psychological thriller), but I think it's pretty clear by the end of the film that the director has an excellent grasp on how to scare an audience. 3/5

Casey P (gb) wrote: one of the most underrated gambling movies of all time

Humberto F (ca) wrote: If Hammer Horror had adapted Snow White, it probably would looked allot like this. Weaver gives it her all in the stepmother role offering genuine menace as she shows more and more of her witch-powers as the dark movie unfolds. Little-seen director Michael Cohn (who directed the underrated Interceptor) unleashes horror atmospherics at every turn making this movie truer to the spirit of the original Grimm's fairy tales than any version before. The production design and Czech locales greatly enhance the fairy tale aspect to the production. Standout sequences include the tornado sequence in the forest with massive trees crashing down on everyone and the finale where Claudia is finally destroyed along with the mirror. The movie glosses over some plot developments, including the sudden love between the two leads but the positive points of this movie more than outweigh the minor quibbles. It is a shame that Brian Glover doesn't have more to do other then have a tree fall on him.