Doomsday Prophecy

Doomsday Prophecy

Doomsday Prophecy is a 2011 sci-fi disaster television film by Jason Bourque starring Jewel Staite, Alan Dale and A.J. Buckley.

Based on the 2012 end-of-world prophesy where officials race against time to counteract geological disturbances that threaten the planet. Two unlikely characters must team up to solve a mystery that just might save the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvester R (it) wrote: Man this was funny as heck!

Tim M (nl) wrote: I only watched it for Bai Ling, skipping many of the parts she's not in. Ling does a decent job of carrying Raquel Welch's torch (One Million Years BC). Cute dwarfs, horrible effects.

Peter B (gb) wrote: The football scenes are entertaining but everything else in this cheesy cliche ridden movie is painful.

Nagarjuna K (de) wrote: I always thought that a good thriller means some intelligent detective work, engaging hide and seek chases or mind blowing mystery. This film changed my assumptions completely. It runs high on fast drama, exploring 4-5 major characters in depth. The wife and the daughter prove their point with just 2 scenes each.

Brandon W (es) wrote: With a producer of Tyler Perry, and with a plot that is just like Meet the Parents, I don't really expect much from it and more or less would feel like a Tyler Perry film, but it actually doesn't, and is not that bad of a film, although nothing memorable. Craig Robinson is good and has the comic timing for it. The movie does feel like a sitcom at times, and the plot is very predictable. You can already tell about what the message is going to be, and it really felt mean-spirited at times which made me feel sorry for Craig Robinson's character. There are some good jokes that got a laugh at me, and I did like the interplay between Craig Robinson and David Alan Grier. It wasn't as melodramatic as I thought was gonna be which I'm glad, and Peeples is just a decent film that I'm glad that I didn't hate it, but I wish that it was better though.

Grant T (au) wrote: The artist pays homage to our classic age of film, but I'm glad movies have dialogue now. The lead performances were excellent and the film was well made. I just couldn't get myself fully wrapped around the story because it was very slow and got pretty depressing at times. It was cool to see a film fully pledged to impressing its audience with actions alone, but I cannot commend it for best picture

Sugeiny T (ca) wrote: Nightmare Man is one of those films that you do not know what to make of when it ends, because it was painful to watch, but you recognize there were a few cool things. From the beginning of the film I was expecting the characters to start having sex and for the movie to become a cheap porn. That's the way it feels, the atmosphere of it and the way it was shot. The acting of all the actors, but specially from the main character is absolutely terrible, it was like watching, again, a porn or an infommercial. I guess its major merit is that it keeps you intrigued, interested on what is really going on with this girl and the demon. By the end of the film you realize that the girl's husband is the one that wanted to kill the girl and that the demon is an assassin he hired, had it ended there it would've been predictable, but ok. But they had to overdue it and turn the girl into the actual demon and kill everyone that remained, then the demon gets out of her body and goes into the body of the other woman through her vagina, which was not only ridiculous but kind of obnoxious. Then they show the woman in a psychiatric clinic, now turning into the demon and the movie ends... The setting on that final part looke appealing, I mean, the shots, but the film itself was so obnoxiously painful that the little good it had becomes overshadowed.

Deepannita G (br) wrote: Watched it on Comcast on-demand...once in a while you actually manage to find a good free movie there! It's a genuine, light hearted romance.

Francisco L (mx) wrote: Annoying, boring, poor cast, not interesting, exaggerated at points, predictable and not original with a lot of cliches. Nothing we hadn't see before on TV.

Matthew S (ru) wrote: Brad Anderson's film is so creepy and filled with dread it is more than a little challenging to see it through to the end. But the stylish intensity and strong performances make it impossible not to watch to movie's bitter end.

mike p (ca) wrote: Aside from the Lex Baxter score, Panic in Year Zero is top notch. Watching this it was a bit of a shocker seeing the adult themes it presented. It was a shocker because your not used to seeing this type of 1962 fare with rape in it. And thats were the score fails. Lex Baxter uses this jazzy swing type music over what is really intence scenes. The musics cool, its just doesnt fit, and it takes away the impact of the scene. But the script is intelligent. I was suprised by how true the situatons would probably really play out. This isnt low grade b movie cheez here. Its a damn fine film with a ultra cool story. I love post apocalyptic films and this one is tops.

Weul S (mx) wrote: An animal revolution leads to a socialist utopia that is too good to be true in this animated allegory based on the Orwell classic. This British film is dark, violent, & forgettable. It also makes me crave bacon.

Bengel W (mx) wrote: A beautiful down to earth feel and scenery to this movie make the show tick along. However the ladies are not great actors and let the show down badly. The story is formulated and lacks any real spark apart from the Karate stand in for Steven, who needs more padding as he does not look like the Sumo that Steven has become. Nibbles: Sticky Rice with Mango.

Sharad Y (us) wrote: Action movie but somewhat slow-paced. The concept however, keeps the movie interesting.

Mikey M (ru) wrote: Begun The Clone War Has

Grant H (ca) wrote: Good movie. While it's certainly Anderson's most depressing movie, it's still a very funny, smart, touching movie with great direction and great performances from its cast.

Byron B (nl) wrote: I enjoyed Martin Landau's supporting role. I appreciate the social improvement project that he is trying to push forward. In this sequel to In the Heat of the Night, Police Lieutenant Virgil Tibbs returns home to San Francisco to solve a murder. I think the main reason these sequels weren't as critically acclaimed or as popular is because Tibbs was removed from the high tension setting of the south. Race drove most of the drama and success of In the Heat of the Night. Poitier still gives a solid performance, but now the focus is more on his family and the sparsely developed mystery. We get to see an upper middle class black family (wife/mother, son, daughter, and father who isn't around much because of his work). There are other black police officers and detectives, and hardly anyone expresses any resentment that Tibbs holds a prominent law enforcement position. It's all very comfortable. There are several red herrings in the mystery plot in order to slip in some foot and car chases. So the filmmakers try to replace the tense drama with action sequences. The dilemma Tibbs faces when he figures out who the murderer is helps deepen his character, but the ending is too convenient. Abrupt eye for an eye justice that is a slap in the face to Tibbs' ideal that justice is served in the courts wraps up this movie.

Alex K (de) wrote: This movie is just as good as Olympus has fallen which I don't get as a lot of people seem to give the film a lot of crap just because it follows the same plot as Olympus. This is an action movie for god sake set in the White House now that is a great idea and they did it twice in 1 year. The film has a great cast, great set, some laughs, great action and is one fun ride if you are a action movie fan then you should like this and if you don't, then what is wrong with you.