Door Ka Raahi

Door Ka Raahi

Door Ka Rahi is story of a person named "Prashant" who is on the travel for the wellness of society, and the end of Journey is to watch. The angle of the movie focused on expressing the internal feelings.

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Matt W (ca) wrote: A charming biopic that sometimes falls a little too sentimental and silly to make it a truly memorable film.Sally Hawkins is great as Rita O'Grady, playing the everyday woman who is thrown almost into the world of politics. She gives both an innocent, but then dominating performance. I found it quite enjoyable whenever she was on the screen.Unfortunately the film did fall into melodrama a few times, which was a shame, with some events that felt a little forced, and maybe could have been dealt with better.The story itself is interesting, and the film may be a reasonably fluffy telling of the story, but it is both easy to watch, but also quite entertaining.It probably won't be remembered in years to come, but it's a nice watch on a rainy day.

Super K (br) wrote: Didn't hold my attention. Seems I'm in the minority, so give it a try.

Katy F (fr) wrote: cute, cheeky...I watch it everytime

Kimberly S (ag) wrote: Cute and accurate depiction of RI and RI accents. "She's going to Brown University." "They got one of those in Providence, you know."

Marcus W (es) wrote: Tries to coast by on a tremendous central performance but fails.

Kevin A (au) wrote: AMAZING, Best movie featuring the Lebanese civil war

Kevin R (au) wrote: We always get what's coming to us.Captain Munsey takes a lot of pride in his job as manager of the most organized and well guarded prison; however, he reigns as he sees fit, which isn't always "by the book." Joe Collins has a plan to escape and obtain revenge on the ruthless captain in the process."Why do you want to destroy instead of build?"Jules Dassin, director of The Naked City, Topkapi, Never on Sunday, Rififi, Circle of Two, He Who Must Die, Night and the City, and Young Ideas, delivers Brute Force. The storyline for this picture is fairly straightforward but contains some excellent and well written characters. The acting is first rate and the cast includes Burt Lancaster, Hume Cronyn, Charles Bickford, Ann Blyth, and Yvonne De Carlo."Now you know what happened to Rin Tin Tin."I came across this on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and thought it sounded interesting and DVR'd it. This was pretty good. Lancaster and his dialogue were compelling and well written. The film is fairly predictable, but the delivery is excellent. I recommend seeing this film once. "Nothing is okay. Nothing was and it never will be."Grade: B

Stevee T (fr) wrote: an average film, not greatly interesting. vivien was beautiful though