Door Ki Awaaz

Door Ki Awaaz

Prakash lives a wealthy lifestyle in Chandan Nagar along with his sister, Mala, and widowed mom. While traveling by train, Mala meets with an accident and is hospitalized. Also hospitalized...

Prakash lives a wealthy lifestyle in Chandan Nagar along with his sister, Mala, and widowed mom. While traveling by train, Mala meets with an accident and is hospitalized. Also hospitalized... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack S (ag) wrote: The warts and all rockumentary about the legendary metal singer that reveals some sad truths about Ozzy, that for much of his career, far from being a powerful rock figure, he's been rather a pathetic, drug and alcohol-addicted individual. It's great that he finally appears to be over his addictions. My biggest personal disappointment of this doco was that no mention at all was given to Ozzy's gun guitarist Jake E. Lee, who took the place of Randy Rhoads.

Darren B (us) wrote: Finally had the time to see this! What a fantastic well written decently executed movie! The two leads were amazing and for being a French film this was worth every minute! Lots of twists & turns and a satisfying end.

Corey C (au) wrote: A Van Santian attempt to get in the head of a suicide bomber, but devoid of context, it's not especially effective. The whole thing is a lot more like ELEPHANT than I'd like, minus the pretentious sky-gazing shots.

Luis O (ag) wrote: I think the best part of this film is Keanu Reeves that plays the orthodontist, that in itself could be a whole other movie.

Natalie P (fr) wrote: This movie never grows old. Lame but sure funny.

Anthony B (ca) wrote: Easily in my top 10. I must have seen it at least a hundred times...give or take a few times. ; )

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Dustin G (jp) wrote: I liked the flashbacks and the way they looked. I wasn't huge on McQueen's performance. The story is really quite boring and uninteresting, as Ebert said, it's terribly thin. And the overdubbing sounds bad. Pretty weak film overall. Will appeal more to those who get a kick out of rodeo stuff, which is well filmed here.

David H (kr) wrote: A grandious Melodrama directed by the Master John Huston starring the great Bette Davis

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Jake J (jp) wrote: First time i like it, but now i don't like that movie because Justin Bieber has gotten into trouble like, today headlines is justin got arrested after that stupid atv crash.

Suy E (jp) wrote: Excellent performances by Ustinov and Morley without whom the movie would have been much the poorer.

Zahid C (ru) wrote: Day: WednesdayDate: 1 Jan 2014Time: 9.30pmWith: NOoneOn: HDTV

neil L (us) wrote: Midnight Express has some cheesy moments, but I loved it. I like the paranoid atmosphere and the retro film quality.

John M (kr) wrote: Rear Window on the road. Nice, quiet thriller with hitchcockian tones. There is also an early role for Jamie Lee Curtis.I would like to see a remake of this movie but with less dialogue and more action.