Door to Silence

Door to Silence

A young man has mysterious encounters with an unknown woman, an ominous hearse, and other supernatural events on the road during an aimless drive around Louisiana after the funeral of his father.

A young man has mysterious encounters with an unknown woman, an ominous hearse, and other supernatural events on the road during an aimless drive around Louisiana after the funeral of his father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rancour C (us) wrote: I would have loved this movie more if it had been more about horse training and the horse-human connection and less about Buck's upbringing and stressful touring schedule.

Vtor M (de) wrote: um parnteses na vida de Ado e Eva, lnguida e at mesmo frustrante para uns esta historia de vampiros muito apple tec que lentamente desenvolvem uma historia que se voc tiver pacincia leva a um apetitoso final.

marita g (de) wrote: Gives an positive message to life.

Jordi T (jp) wrote: Gran historia de venganzas entre gangsters y policias en la turbulenta marsella. Una nueva muestra del buen estado en que se encuentra el cine frances, aqui desgranando una serie de personajes torturados psicologicamente unos, y con un ansia de venganza atroz los otros. Increible Jean Reno como casi siempre, pero me sorprende gratamente encontrar a Kad Merad, el simpatico funcionario de correos puteado de Bienvenidos al Norte, aqui haciendo gala de una vis cruel escalofriante.

Michael M (mx) wrote: The slapstick plot was a great mix of James Bond meets Austin Powers.

Jeremy C (es) wrote: This was really good. But to predictable.GRADE:A-

Private U (it) wrote: VERY slow storyline, this movie was extremely low on their budget and the actors were very boring.

Julian T (mx) wrote: With a cast of this caliber and the overall plot synopsis, I have to consider this a disappointment. This is no fault of the actors, who all do a pretty good job. Moss is slightly underwhelming, but Kingsley is very good as almost always. The direction is solid, and the script is average, but the story is what fails the film. It starts out very solidly, but just sort of looses itself, and your left to watch it flounder around in its lack of backbone for the last hour. There is really no core to the film. No strong theme or cohesive plot details. It seems like a bunch of separately filmed scenes that were just glued together at the end. All that said, it is not an unenjoyable watch. Has just enough to make it marginally interesting, but the potential of the story coupled with such a strong core of actors could have made this a very good movie. As it sits now, its a light shade better than mediocre.

Karen C (br) wrote: An amazing true story. De Niro and Cuba played awesome parts. Loved it

Kimmer S (fr) wrote: This one REALLY got to me. Hopefully due to the strange love thing... Probably because of the sleeping/psychic issues. Either way... check it out.

Deke P (au) wrote: Liked it. And very interesting to see Hoffman as an action star. And i liked the 'trailer' above, also.

Hobie P (ru) wrote: I found it really boring

Ben R (jp) wrote: This one shows the buildings of the crack empire throughout the mid to late 80s. Its not glorifying crack like some other movies do. This is a great cheesy action drama with a strong anti drug message. One of Judd Nelsons last big time roles also.

April M (br) wrote: "she's not in the kitchen eating friend chicken thats for sure!" This is my all time favorite chevy chase movie, and it is certainly one of the only movies I like Charles Grodin in, and.. goldie hawn is so cute. goldie here, is her daughter now. Chevy and Goldie do wonderful work together. I will own this movie someday. I WILL I WILL I WILL! Can I give a movie more than 5 stars, dammit I wish I could!!

Don D (es) wrote: I have waited many years to see this movie again. I have remembered the name for over 30 years since i first saw it, it was so fun. I thought the Charles Laughton version was filmed in 39' though.

Dave J (es) wrote: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 (2014) After The Dark PHILOSOPHICAL SCIENCE FICTION DRAMA Last day for a small group of students coming into a philosophy class, in which the instructor tests them by involving them into his hypothetical situation scenario involving an atomic world scenario with questionable results. After watching "After The Dark" and then reading some negative reviews from the users, some were a little extreme, while others had made some valid points. But just the same, because it's a movie I have to also include movies I had also saw that resulted into the purpose of this one made in the first place which it's reminiscent of several movies that stemmed from "Battle Royale" and "The Hunger Games" to the many 'apocalyptic' movies made thus far in which only the strong survive. This is a different kind of 'apocalyptic' movie which can be talked about within yourselves since in this film there is drama, power and control. By control, I mean the instructor who as the movie is progressing attempted to control two students 'pretending identities' roles and fates in terms of this fantasy world he made up. Although the acting is not the greatest I think the reason I resonated with this idea is because I've seen my fair share of apocalyptic movies without putting it in perspective. The fact that it's only a movie, it does however, arise the possibly about what can happen as a result of an atomic bomb since this idea is set up by the instructor, and that the tables can be turned around again to not favor him. It's like playing the role-playing game 'Dungeons and Dragons' and that you can make plenty of what if's and decide your own characters. And at the end, viewers can find out that theirs a reason why the instructor rigged it that way which he knows wouldn't be able to achieve in real life. 2.5 out of 4 stars

Nick W (us) wrote: Although somewhat predictable, generic and unappealing as a movie, Soul Surfer elevates these issues with a great story.

Nitoya B (au) wrote: Great movie that gives an interesting take on three individuals.