A story of an ambitious working couple's marital discord and the impact on their child.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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A story of an ambitious working couple's marital discord and the impact on their child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dooriyaan torrent reviews

Alfin N (ag) wrote: Almost entirely fictional, of course?

Mahesh P (fr) wrote: Uday Chopra wasn't as bad as usual in this. Actually, this role fit him perfectly. Priyanka Chopra didn't really have much to do so there was nothing special about her performance. In terms of acting, though, this movie belonged to Dino Morea, who has shown that he is great no matter what the part. First half is a little choppy, but Jugal Hansraj got it all under control in the second half. Beginning seems rushed, Uday's feelings don't have any time to develop. Music was pretty bad, though "Alisha" is a pretty good song.

Marta S (ca) wrote: This movie was made very well with the exception of the beginning that came across as confusing and hard to understand. It is difficult to say I liked a movie that was so graphically detailed in the horrors of Auschwitz but I did learn alot from the film and the acting was top notch. For anyone interested in Holocaust history, it is a good movie to watch.

Marcus W (fr) wrote: De Niro as a tough retired cop. Hoffman as a insecure drag queen. And Schumacher proving yet again that the lower his budget, the better the film. It's certainly not flawless, and it does slip into cliches - but thankfully, the character work and acting from the leads carries the film. Definitely worth checking out.

William I (au) wrote: Hilariously Bad. Bokeem Woodbine gives one of the worst acting performances ever in this movie.

Zack B (mx) wrote: A charming and whimsical film by an American master of cinema, Jonathan Demme. It's a fun film with so many memorable scenes and profound performances, especially by Jeff Daniels who really shines. An American classic.

Peter P (ru) wrote: Terrible, I watched this as a young boob obsessed boy hoping to see Dolly unleashed, well, it doesn't have that, or much of anything else worth seeing, and to top it all off you have to listen to country music, run away, RUN AWAY!

cli o (es) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Martin G (kr) wrote: Film "d'aprs-midi" peut intressant principalement du une mauvaise narration de l'histoire, qui prend trops de temps dmarrer et par la suite se conclue beaucoup trops vite. Un film familial qui essais de se prendre pour un Indiana Jones ou Trsor National sans russir

Samantha G (br) wrote: An excellent movie. Great ensemble cast with Leslie Howard as the wondering tramp and Humphrey Bogart as a hardened criminal. Each character's story is wonderfully portrayed through a great script. Definitely a bittersweet ending but worth the watch all the way.