Shankar Singh and his wife, Meera, live in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India along with widowed paternal grandmother, Laxmibai, his mom, Gowri, and dad, Randhir. The family feel that they are blessed after Meera's entry in this family. Shankar must go and abroad in Saudi Arabia and bids farewell to Meera, promising to keep in touch, which he does, and also sends them a large portion of his earnings, which is used to pay off the family's debts. Then when no word is received from him, a worried Meera phones, and is devastated to learn that Shankar has been killed by being thrown off a 10th floor balcony. Her status quickly changes, her jewelery, ornaments, fancy clothes are taken off, and she is told to remain indoors. wear dark clothes, and is only allowed to pray at a Mandir.

Two woman --different backgrounds, miles apart, and strangers to each other-- are linked by tragedy. Their new-found friendship is tested as one holds the fate of the other's husband in her hands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart K (us) wrote: The most controversial film to play at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, and one that can't be shown in it's current form in the UK, unless you have YouTube. ;) Directed by Keith Allen, written by TV critic Victor Lewis-Smith and produced by Mohamed Al-Fayed. This documentary explores what really happened on the night of August 31st 1997 when Princess Diana died. It's very one sided, but it is convincing in places. This film explores the motives and the inquiry into how Princess Diana died, with Allen planting a mole inside the inquiry to find out what was said. The film also alleges that the British and French authorities covered up uncomfortable facts about the crash, some evidence which could compromise the British Monarchy, and how the Monarchy used the law to their advantage to allegedly get away with murder. It has interviews with Al-Fayed, Tony Curtis and Piers Morgan, who all agree that there's something not right about the death, and that key facts were ignored by the investigators, and that evidence mysteriously vanished and the Royals knew something. This is a film for Daily Express readers and conspiracy theorists, with Allen in the Jim Garrison position, alleging this evidence. It's definitely biased in Al-Fayed's favour (he funded the film), and you can see why this won't be shown in the UK anytime soon. It is a dangerous film, but it proves it might not have been the Royals who were responsible.

Greg W (it) wrote: awesome sci-fi epic gr8 cast another lost review

Trevor W (mx) wrote: Woody Harrelson plays it well, the remainder are wasted & dear oh dear does it think it's clever.

Becky T (ru) wrote: It was so slow that I couldn't get more than an hour into it. ("Suspense" didn't quite seem to be the right term for this.)

Ryan S (au) wrote: Story hero 2: "All I care about is money"Adviser/friend: I know but you don't want it to look that way. RIGHT WING PROPAGANDA for the super rich ( ie. Koch brothers/TEA party)A good laugh though for the educated. A brain wash for the ignorant.

Kim T (ag) wrote: Dougray Scott is cute!

Tyler R (mx) wrote: One of the better movies I've watched in a while. I can't believe it took me this long to watch it. The plot was different and moved quickly. Great cast of actors. Action was very solid and fun to watch.

tanya h (ru) wrote: i like this movie its a no brainer

Jussi M (ru) wrote: Aika heikko esitys. Ei sitten niin yhtn karismaa missn...

Ken T (au) wrote: Another one of those cutesy flicks worth seeing once"

Sean C (br) wrote: Well shot and had a good music score, but the writing was subpar and the acting wooden despite the veteran cast. The opening credits were great while the ending was horrible. As a denouncement of Nazism it is superb, but it mostly fails as a film.

William W (ca) wrote: Knee-deep in the throes of my first love, I was quite surprised to hear that my lady's favourite movie was 'Joe Versus the Volcano'. (I still haven't seen the film). It dawned on me, when I wanted to check out an American film which, to my knowledge, had a plethora of fine acting, that this was written and directed by the same guy who made that film much earlier. Being raised Christian and hearing in the press over the past few years about misdeeds, especially involving leaders of the Catholic church (represented in films as diverse as 'The Boys of St. Vincent' (John N. Smith, 1992) and 'In Bruges' (Martin McDonagh, 2008), I was especially intrigued by this, his work of more recent vintage.The ambiguity at the core of the film (and hence the 'doubt') really acts in the movie's favour. The script and direction are both tense and flawless, and the beautiful New York locations chosen to illustrate The Bronx in 1964 help air the play out, and give it more cinematic scope. It features some of the finest work I have seen from Philip Seymour Hoffman (though my favourites will always be 'Happiness' and 'The Master'), Meryl Streep (my most-esteemed works of hers are 'The Deer Hunter' and 'The Devil Wears Prada') and Amy Adams (this is her finest performance IMHO) as well as a breakthrough role for Viola Davis, who steals every scene she's in. This easily holds up well even with Shanley's Oscar-winning screenplay for 'Moonstruck', and, though dark and depressing, is thoroughly recommended for those who can stomach its subject matter, and peer into that abyss without flinching, as these fine exemplars of 21st-century American cinema so easily do here.That it didn't win any of its five Oscar nominations is almost as ghastly, to the cinephile, as the misdeeds insinuated here are to the community at large. Must have been a strong year for film, methinks.

Everett S (br) wrote: this is goes in the stinker pile.....

Erik W (mx) wrote: I liked this movie mainly because I enjoyed watching Roy Scheider and Meryl Streep together. They did great work here. As for the story line itself, I thought it was kind of weak but good enough. There were some great parts to this movie, including an eerie dream sequence involving Josef Sommer's character and scene where Scheider's character is trailing somebody in Central Park at Night. There is also some nice camera work by cinematographer Nestor Almendros. One thing I really liked was the use of sound in several of the scenes, exactly like Alfred Hitchcock would use in his movie.