Doraemon: Nobita and the Green Giant Legend

Doraemon: Nobita and the Green Giant Legend

Nobita’s troubled about what to do with his zero test marks once again. A gust of wind scatters his test papers and he falls into a garbage dump trying to gather them together again. There he finds a young withered tree that caught one of his papers and he decides to take it home. He tries to plant it in his garden but gets caught by his mother who doesn’t allow him to grow it.

Nobita finds a small plant still in a container at an abandoned area and decides to take it home. His mother asks him not to put it on their garden because it won't have space to properly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Doraemon: Nobita and the Green Giant Legend torrent reviews

Tyler A (gb) wrote: little twisted, sum laughs n entertaining moments worth a watch but nothing spectacular

Elena S (nl) wrote: the combination between ballet and street dance is hilarious and wonderful ! I give 4 stars for it. and minus 0.5 star for the story

Mark S (ru) wrote: I see why it has gotten the praise that it has but I do think it is also kind of a long sit and basically I feel like I got the point a good while before the movie ended. A tough movie that is not made to entertain so much as to teach.

Diana L (fr) wrote: i think its one of the best movies i ever saw

James R (ru) wrote: The coolest rendition of Jesse James ever!

Elaine S (au) wrote: The characters were all immature middle aged druggies who complained throughout the whole movie. LA never seemed more depressing..and may that was the point. The dialogue tried to be witty and "deep" but in the end this movie was uninteresting and overacted.

Anna B (es) wrote: Classic - Shelley Long is hilarious.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: Ripping Fun, Clever, Culty movie--Sharp script and honest satire!!

David C (de) wrote: Not bad really. Maybe it could be a B-movie, with all kind of super-human and contrived movements and stuff, but this film had fun enough to have enjoyed it.

Santiago T (it) wrote: A beatifull air battle, this movi is that

David B (br) wrote: the title says it all....hideous!

Lucas W (au) wrote: Best animated movie ever. I love every joke and soo much it offers.

Peter S (kr) wrote: Great to see some good Aussie drama that should also resonate internationally. The Australia that get's totally ignored by all of the latte sipping urbanites that Australian's have become, yet we like the world to think we are 'outback jacks'. We are so out of touch with the characters that are portrayed so well in this movie. which is why all you urbanites should go and see this. Australia is sadly dying from the heart, and Rex's character is a great metaphor for this reality. Damien Straker's review is so off the mark, and so out of sync with the vast bulk of reviews, but I guess that's what you should expect from someone who writes for a generation of gamer's. Wake up, get in your Toorak tractors, and go and discover the real heart of Australia, then you will understand why these types of movies are important for all of us.Michael Caton, this is by far the greatest role you have ever played, kudos to all the rest of the cast as well.