Doraemon: Nobita to Ginga ekusupuresu

Doraemon: Nobita to Ginga ekusupuresu


Doraemon went missing for 3 days. But it turns out later that he went to the 22nd century to buy a mystery galactic express train ticket whose destination is a secret until the passengers arrive there and see for themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Doraemon: Nobita to Ginga ekusupuresu torrent reviews

Brian P (ca) wrote: Major "error" in editing. 1:29:37 seconds into the movie the Female Senator's Mouth Gag is hanging around her neck, next scene back in her mouth

Syed A (fr) wrote: yet another visual treat for the diehard Jodorowskians, complete with deserts in form of a haunting and mesmerizing background score. but movie should also appeal to non-Jodorowskians as well as it touches your heart by working like an injection of emotions and hardships one goes through while growing up in a war ridden country and/or being a product of mixed races.

Francis M (gb) wrote: After a promising start, the subtle jokes become less so, and for me, by trying to be darker looses it's purpose. Granted some moments are right on target, however one Episode on Fawlty Towers is more accurate about British culture, and funnier.

Steve S (au) wrote: Effective to a fault. A bit too real and disturbing. It's okay to give us a little gore, but why does the film feel such a need to rub our faces in it.

rajiv 2 (gb) wrote: this film is the perfect example of how a certain style of directing could produce a different output. The plot of this film has a big potential to make a boring and dull movie, but with aki kaurismaki's nice style of directing, which seems highly influenced by robert bresson to me, this movie become quite heartfelt and very entertaining. My only complaint is thisfilm is too short for god sake, 78 minutes is never enough for me..

Krystal S (us) wrote: Journey into the depths of loneliness. If you need action and spectacle this film is not for you. But I do think its very poignant.

Katharine P (us) wrote: Love it it will make u laugh cryand totally pissed off

Wilhelm B (es) wrote: A movie does'nt get mutch crappyer than this.

Laurance P (ru) wrote: best love storey ever, fuck sid n nancy!

Greg W (br) wrote: reminds me of "marty"

Filiberto G (ag) wrote: Simple, offbeat, yet touching

Marcio M (jp) wrote: Its the best film of 1982 ever

Alex A (au) wrote: Excellent, excellent film!!

Tom M (ru) wrote: Cute romantic comedy.

Johnny M (br) wrote: Well, if you like B movies its a good B movie. Probably the earliest robot gone mad I've ever seen. The science makes absolutely no sense at all but that kinda adds to the humor of it all. The robots are pretty damn creepy though.

alex f (mx) wrote: van damme as a villain and some totally random asian guy swimming and punching.

Peter C (gb) wrote: Underrated movie. Reasonable watch.