Dorian Blues

Dorian Blues

Dorian realizes he is gay in his final year of high school. He meets another gay youth locally, but remains confused. He starts therapy, then resorts to confession in the Church, and finally comes out to his brother. Dorian then decides to come out to his father; he gets kicked out of the house.

High school senior Dorian begins a gay man's odyssey when he determines that he's gay and decides to come out. Chief among concerns is the reaction of his father, who has never liked him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Asif H (de) wrote: Interesting plot that could have been better.

Erin W (ag) wrote: Selena Gomez is a very lovely (in terms of looks), but monotone actress, and the Hilary Duff version (this is a sequel to that version) is better. Cause it was my childhood in a nutshell! Jane Lynch was good as the stepmother.

Edward K (ru) wrote: meh it was ok edward furlong is awesome as always

Anthony D (kr) wrote: the acting was terrible but i was impressed with the zombie makeup and the gore and the plot was ok

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Samantha S (us) wrote: I adore dark comedies, but this was way too nasty. I mean, the dogs didn't hurt anyone, they were owned by a nasty lady. Sad to see Rhys Ifans in this crap.

Christie S (fr) wrote: Movie Review Essay Men who are afraid to commit shouldn't be degraded for their lack thereof. Women who find men that are different than what they expect shouldn't trample over them because their values are different than theirs. In this film Waiting to Exhale, which is directed by Forest Whitaker, written by Terry McMillan and its' cast members, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Whitney Houston, and Robin Givens, its' concept is unrealistic, male-bashing, and shallow. The overall film is entertaining but not pleasant in view of the fact that men are belittled and women are perceived as superficial. This film delivers the illusion that the life of successful women with relationship problems is blissful. The wrong message is portrayed to the writers' audience. It provides an unrealistic view that being a certain way or having certain things despite the lack of true love, is sufficient. The idea of wanting to be in a relationship with a married man or any man should not be a woman's main focus. This film, in a way encourages some women to believe that having this way of life or mind frame is fun or exciting. Roger Ebert stated, "An escapist fantasy that women in the audience can enjoy by musing, 'I wish I had her problems'- and her car, house, wardrobe, figure and men, even wrong men." Some viewers may disagree and feel as though this movie is pleasant and has a realistic view of how some women respond in relationships. Although, some people view this film as a Hollywood hit, they fail to realize that the way in which these four women are portrayed states otherwise as suggested by Barry Walters, "Four main female characters trudging through a movie's worth of similar repeated blunders adds up to one scary truckload of drama." 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