Dorks & Damsels

Dorks & Damsels

The film revolves around Hildur, a national celebrity and socialite who has to look for a job when her boyfriend Jolli is sent to prison. She finds a job at Astrópía, a store that sells role playing books and her immersion into geek culture changes her outlook on life.

When Hildur - a beautiful high society girl and a regular guest in the national celebrity press - finds out that her boyfriend Jolli is about to go into jail, she realizes she has to learn ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don S (gb) wrote: Not a bad horror movie. The special effects are creepy enough, though there is really no blood or gore. There are no scares here, but there is an interesting story with decent performances by Abigail Spencer and Katee Sackhoff. A bit deeper than most horror movies, this actually has a plot and resolution not really leaving it open to another sequel. I was surprisingly pleased.

Dewey F (nl) wrote: "Pollocks, they all look the same in a tux."

Jace L (br) wrote: this movie is a good movie and reminds me of something that would happen if me and my family went somewhere. i feel bad for him in some parts because he is trying so hard and his family is being really rude to him. i found it funny when the crap sprayed everywhere and got all over them.

Chris C (au) wrote: The final of the Lambert series, tries to pass the torch to Paul fittingly, and only succeeds partially. Yes, the movie is messy and a producer's cut doesn't always fix problems when you just retcon. Still worth it mainly for the well executed swordfights.

Cameron M (us) wrote: Though there are elements of the hit stage show that simply can't be translated to screen, this adaption tries it's darndest and comes very close thanks to its skillful camera work and talented cast.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Short western, but the story is effective enough. It's quite ordinary and commercialised with native unrest and double-crossings galore.

Andruw F (de) wrote: It feels very old for a 2002 movie. I can imagine it would be better if you haven't seen the TV show Hannibal. Anthony Hopkins was obviously good, but they didn't use him very much, and when they did use him, he just felt like a pawn, like something they used to bring people in to seeing the movie. Edward Norton is a good actor, but I have seen the TV show and I just think Hugh Dancy is better! All the supporting cast was pretty forgettable, except Jack Crawford was a little better, and the actor playing him was good, but obviously Laurence Fishburne is better. Even if you haven't seen the show, just knowing Fishburne is in it and plays Crawford is enough. This is a good crime thriller, but just an alright "Hannibal Lecter" movie, and obviously not superior to the excellent Silence of the Lambs! But I did like this movie overall. It didn't feel too long, but it could have been shorter. I think my favorite part is the last scene, it really ties into Silence of the Lambs, and makes it feel like the first in a series, or I guess technically a prequel since it came out after. Definitely worth watching if you liked Lambs, or if you're fans of Norton or Hopkins!

Andrey B (gb) wrote: Some scenes are pretty strong and dialogue is Tarantino like now and then, but the movie at a whole is too splashy and factitious.