Dormez, je le veux!

Dormez, je le veux!

Cora is a teenager and has a lot of problems (mostly because of the relationship with her parents). One day she meets Katz, a hypnotizer who makes shows in the whole country, and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah E (fr) wrote: Suprisingly a great movie. I love the actress Alyssa Milano but I find that all her movies are mediocre. This movie wasn't, full of suspence. great acting, great plot, and great dialogue. A must see.

Ivy B (ca) wrote: When I read the summery to the movie on the back. I thought the new boss was a woman. But I was really wrong once watching the movie. The new boss didn't sit well with me and it became obvious the reaper gang are more accustomed to posted notes instead of phones. The movie stayed true to the TV show in most places. And Roxy's most memorable quote "I'm thinking about it" keeps ringing in my head and makes me laugh when recalling the movie itself. Thee movie basically combined all season 1 and season 2 together. I understand now that reaper kids are the ones who reap the animals and adults reap the humans. It makes absolutele sense to me; completely. We saw a bit more characteristics to the reapers and what they did when having a boss who they didn't like. When tthe new boss was introduced I thought he might grow on me but he didn't grow on me at all. The way he said 'Princess' to George made me think 'I don't like this dude!' It was like romance was incorperated into the reaper cast between the middle guy and the reapers. I did enjoy the ending after I found out on the wikipeida that George is the new boss. The movie finishd all the loose ends.

Jamie B (mx) wrote: Fun premise, but ultimately just a mediocre family film (at best). No real funny parts (though plenty of parts that *tried* to be funny), and the message was a tad forced. I'm all for Disney cheesiness, but this one just didn't do it for me. Donnie Osmond was wonderfully ridiculous though.

Alexander L (gb) wrote: August Underground is as much as a movie as plastic is a food. Not only does it have no plot whatsoever-- it fails to keep the viewer interested and ends up being an artless, boring, and tasteless endeavor.

MEC r (mx) wrote: I saw this on BET a while back. Good movie.

Eduardo B (ru) wrote: The story of this movie changing director is so convoluted that I almost want to see it. ALMOST...

Private U (br) wrote: Engrossing and borderline unnerving.

Don S (nl) wrote: I rented this purely because Chevy Chase is in it. There is very little story here, and for a Chase movie, very few genuine laughs. Jack Palance has the range of a piece of driftwood in this movie. You'd do well to skip this one.

David L (ag) wrote: Cronos is a polarizing experience. It is a great concept weakly executed. It is well made and well directed and it is such an original take on the tired genre with a very sophisticated script, but the dialogue is anything but and the film eventually succumbs to the usual horror trappings which was immensely disappointing. It is a solid directorial debut for Guillermo del Toro, but this is still far from his best work.

Melody B (gb) wrote: Cute and has some funny moments!

Francis M (au) wrote: Entertaining yet daft!

Manuel M (jp) wrote: Leuke standaard jaren 80 komedie! Lea Thompson is supercute!

Bill B (ca) wrote: A watchable Hammer/Shaw brothers co-production, though it never fully piqued my interest as I'd hoped that it would. I honestly can't say what I was expecting instead, it just never made that much of an impression on me - perhaps I'll return to it some day and find something new to like about it.Rental.

Randy P (fr) wrote: Full of gags... gags that are not that funny.Fun with Dick and Jane is an insult to Bonnie and Clyde.One of Jim Carrey's lamest performances.

Chayc (au) wrote: It's mocked by so many, because it is so awesomely cheesy and great. Love it.