Athens & Barcelona, two cities, two love stories, two languages, two realities, two couples that will never meet, two years anniversary... or is it all one?

Athens & Barcelona, two cities, two love stories, two languages, two realities, two couples that will never meet, two years anniversary... or is it all one? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kirsy K (ru) wrote: This was by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It was a waste of my night and money. If you are looking for a movie to put you to sleep this is the one for you.

Aman A (de) wrote: Boring. I was expecting a lot more fun. The character seemed too weak and the humour was not genuine. It all seemed more sad than fun; like hurtful and piercing humour. The 'funny' part is that it wasn't even funny. I stopped it in the middle. I guess the other characters were also so underdeveloped that in a TV show it worked when you cared about everyone but here, you cared for the loser who was more sad than idiotically happy.

Melayna C (it) wrote: This movie was crazy! There were so many twists. The plot was intriguing, sexy, yet creepy all together!

Irene S (ru) wrote: a low busget film about 2 married couples whom 1 has an open marriage and the other one needs to spice things up in thr bedroom but once they do get together, emotions get the best of them and at the end will they survive it all.

Mert Y (au) wrote: zellikle demet akba?'n menajeri ile evdeyken yapt? telefon konu?mas oyunculuk dersi gibi

Julia F (jp) wrote: Not too bad. A different kind of love story.

Jason S (ag) wrote: Had been waiting to see this movie for a couple of years and I wasn't disappointed. I would have liked for it to be a little longer and one of the deaths of the main characters was a little weak.

Marissa K (de) wrote: If you saw "Weekend" and liked it, it would be worth giving this one a shot, I think. It's certainly not a movie for everyone, but there is some remarkably beautiful dialogue, and I personally loved the soundtrack as well. A study in day and night, both physically and emotionally, and the ties that bind family. Sometimes it doesn't dig deep enough to make the point that it feels like is waiting just around the corner, and if you're into it, it could leave you slightly unsatisfied. But if you're in an "experimental rental mode" this might fit the mood.

Anthony S (it) wrote: It has no action at all but its a taut and intelligent thriller which was very well acted throughout!

Robin M (ca) wrote: A curiously fascinating portrait of people who cannot function in any capacity outside of the competitive world of Scrabble. You just can't make stuff like this up.

Abel D (mx) wrote: There is genius locked within, but a weak opening and middling chemistry between two otherwise excellent leads bog this one down. A shame as, on top of the gorgeous visuals, there is some legitimate power in the film's take on love and mortality.

(ru) wrote: This is a warm, heartfelt, subtle story about coming of age in the '60s in France.

Teresa S (gb) wrote: (1990 Director: Alan Parker) Seems there were a few movies made about hush hush accounts of the internment of Japanese living in America in response to WW II! This film is one; another is Snow Falling on Cedars, though in a less underplayed way. As I tell my son this is NOT a war movie yet in the stories of the peoples lives in this film they are IMPACTED by the war. Just watching this movie (Netflix rental) tonight. I have awaited its arrival & been looking forward to it! Wished to see it both for the actors & its themes & wondering how it was handled--released in 1990 (filmed at the end of the '80's "Me" generation] Both sides of this cd-rom have film--the main movie on one side; the flip side has directorial comments, video images & much more. This is a very sensitive handling of the racial & nationalism issues of the 1940's just pre-bomibing of Pearl Harbor set when this very unlikely pair met. Irish Projectionists' Labor Union attorney Jack McGunn (Dennis McQuaid) well versed in the Wagner Labor Relations Act. Jack is ousted because he disapproves of the dirty politics and is forced to move to Los Angeles to stay with his brother (Colm Meaney-Star Trek) and meets through his modest job as projectionist for a private theatre in Little Toyko the beautiful Lily Wakamura (Tamlyn Tomita) seamstress & daughter of a modest Japanese family living in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles).

Derek J (jp) wrote: li's cinema debut! opens world to kindness, discipline and plenty gifted martial artists. lush cinematography, great story.. li's shaolin temple is to jackie's drunken master 2. that damn good! (= there's also humor and romance too.

Erika M (de) wrote: Amazing. First movie I like much better than the book.

Chris W (ca) wrote: Although often considered a forerunner of "blaxploitation", I wouldn't disagree with you if you called this a full on blaxploitation film. Stylistically it doesn't fit, but it is an almost exclusively black cast, black crew, and deals with black themes, so therefore, it is related. However, this isn't some campy stereotypical film that more than likely hinders black progress instead of helps it. Instead, this is a hilarious film that is many things: comedy, crime film, satire, and buddy picture. There is tons of humor here, and, while I wasn't laughing all the time, it is quite funny. Most of the humor is of the slapstick vartiety, but some of it comes from wordplay, visuals, and situations, which can sometimes be dry in natiure. This is the story of two unconventional detectives who try to catch a man who is pushing a "back to Africa" trip. In reality, that man is a fake, a huxster, and the two detectives have to try to catch hi and show the world who he really iis. It surprised me that Ossie Davis directed this, because I didn't expect this type of film from hi based on my knowledge of his latter day resume. This is a great film though, It is quite funny, and fillled with substance and subtext, It's not overly preachy, but it's pretty obvious that this film has a message and isn't devoid of something more meaningful. This isn't a campy blaxploitation film. In watching it though, one can see that this represents a high water mark for black films made for black people by black people. The only thing it really exploits is stuff that black people want to see. The subject matter is funny, and a bit surreal, because really, who thinks of cotton when they think of Harlem? It's an integral part of the film however, so it is necessary. No matter who you are, there is bound to be something in here for everyone. This is a great film, and a true lost classic. Bravo Ossie, bravo.

Timothy B (gb) wrote: Light bit of fluff with Grant and Dunne