Dos rivales casi iguales

Dos rivales casi iguales

A colorfully yet emotional comedy, filled with provoking political criticism, placed in a contemporary scenario, where salmons and frogs coexist with the inhabitants of a small village, near a beautiful river. This year though, the river and its inhabitants are about to stir things up. The twin brothers Jaime and Nacho find themselves challenging each other for the most important political seat in the nation

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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A colorfully yet emotional comedy, filled with provoking political criticism, placed in a contemporary scenario, where salmons and frogs coexist with the inhabitants of a small village, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Veronica (fr) wrote: Non-judgemental of many concepts we find hard to accept or understand. This is like the story of Mary and Joseph except get rid of Joseph and most of that biblical stuff and replace is with Rachel (Julia Garner) and her 'immaculate conception'. Everything that happens to Rachel is played on her curiosity, it's refreshing to see that noone really goes gung-ho crazy about her situation outside of her mormon community. There's a quiet coolness about it all. Rory Culkin's choices playing Clyde, the guy she meets, also add to the coolness.

Brent M (au) wrote: Definitely not as good or suspenseful as the first in the series, but still entertaining. Though it was incredibly obvious that the purpose of the film is to setup the storyline for another sequel.

lena t (jp) wrote: i must see this movie:((

Kirby P (it) wrote: This is a very cheesy western. It's actually fairly entertaining to watch, although the plot is no great shakes.

John B (it) wrote: Nice Christmas story sequel to the "Christmas Shoes" with a heart-warming message

Brian S (gb) wrote: Part of the most provocative movie I've ever seen, American Hisroty X is a powerful, very moving and captivating film, Tony Kaye has done a fantastic job, although it wouldn't be the great film we all know if it wasn't for Edward Norton. It's really balls-to-the-walls film, not one that you everyday, but that's what makes it one of the best pics ever in cinema history. Recommended !!

Charlie S (au) wrote: stupid, dumb and hideiously dull, dunston checks in just comes off as another disasterous family movie.

Logan G (mx) wrote: An unfortunately unfunny, unlikable, uninteresting, uninspiring, unbelievable bad film that makes me sad due to the talent behind the camera.

Joshua L (it) wrote: This is one of those movies you can watch anytime and find something to enjoy more about it. The script, the cast, the characters they play, the whole fucking movie is just fun and hilarious to watch. I love this movie.

Charlie M (ru) wrote: This movie feels 3 separate stories shoehorned into one. None of these elements work together. The journalist's ghost reaching out to a young investigator is interesting, but piling on her getting romantically involved with a suspected serial killer and a dopey magician makes this a complete and total mess. By the end it drags along with implied tension, but nothing actually feels life-threatening. I'll give credit to the witty twist of the last 5 minutes, but it's all rathe flat.Had he given the intense Ian McShane, the deceptively charming Hugh Jackman and the delightful Charles Dance their own film together it would've been a more intriguing, but sadly the lead characters are the childish Johansen & cartoonish Allen.

Christopher B (gb) wrote: That octopus!The way Frankenstein should have been told in the first place! Very entertaining and probably the most jaw dropping kaiju film I've ever seen. If you're a fan of giant moster films this is highly recommended. Oh yeah, and Baragon is in it too.

Robert G (br) wrote: I can see why people like this movie, I really do. It just too tastelessly crude to recommend.

Black S (nl) wrote: Heavy Firearms action lovingly crafted as only someone not allowed to own them could do, this one is notable for the female cast that drive the story (many look like fashion models) with particular kudos to a brunette version Marjorie Monaghan, and the drop-dead gorgeous perfect bodied green-eyed Debbie Shelton, who Director Pyun apparently convinced to show off her weight-trained abs, vascularity and lucious breastworks. Her mouth-watering scenes alone make this worth watching. Cute Merle Kennedy, in her boots and shorts is like a pint-sized Lara Croft. Gruner, Thomerson, Brion James & Tagawa turn in servicable work, and despite a few glitches and continuity errors, this is still worth popcorn time for fans of sci-fi ultraviolence...

Armando B (mx) wrote: This was supposed to be a funny flick, but it has lots of toilet humor and very few actual funny moments. Only recommended for fans of the lead actors...