Dos tipos duros

Dos tipos duros


Two botcher killers, Paco and Alex carry out a crime caper. Later on, they are joined by Tatiana - ​a young whore, who shows great love for Alex. In pursuing its objective the losers will face a group of murderers, a butcher with dark business, a nasty gangster and a lot more... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris W (it) wrote: Based on a play based on a book, this is Tim Blake Nelson's harrowing look at the innerworkings of moral issues within a concentration camp. The story is focused on a group of Hungarian Jews in Auschwitz who are tasked with cleaning out the ashes of their dead comrades from the crematoriums. When they realize they are next on the list to die, they decided to have an uprising. This is some very hard stuff to watch, but it is also phenomenally amazing. It finds the right note between exploitative and overly emotional sentimentality, and despite being something hard to watch, it's also very hard to look away.The films boasts a talented cast who all give some really good performances. Well, okay, Keitel's accent is a bit iffy, but he's great at being a really cruel antagonist. David Arquette is surprisingly really good in a dramatic lead role, and it's nice seeing him step away from comedy once in a while. Other supporting roles are filled by the likes of Natasha Lyonne, Mira Sorvino, and Steve Buscemi among others.It's up there with Schindler's List and The Pianist as some of the best films about the Holocaust, and the direction is hauntingly effective. This isn't an uplifting film as you might have guessed, but it does really give you a lot to think about, mostly because of the issues it raises. Give this one a watch. It's something quite special.

Mariana S (gb) wrote: Finalmente vi esse filme! Absurdamente SEN-SA-CIO-NAL!!

Everardo C (mx) wrote: La pelcula logra conectar emocionalmente con la audiencia pero los tantos temas confunden al espectador pero sigue siendo de buena intencin

Aidan H (mx) wrote: I don't know who Edward Bernds is but I fancy that he may have faked his own death after making this piece of inter-stellar doggie doo. Even the babes who are supposed to rule the planet Venus are weird-looking hags. Beyond irony.

Joao G (it) wrote: Absolutamente um dos filmes mais divertidos a que j assisti. Ainda por cima do mestre dos magos Jean Renoir!, Les franais vraiment savent la joie de vivre...

Sheri C (us) wrote: It's very queer but still watchable