Doslo doba da se ljubav proba

Doslo doba da se ljubav proba

Mary's problem was solved another state without health consequences. Now Mary is strictly controlled by the parents but still finishing high school. Bob and Mary continue their love, but ...

Mary's problem was solved another state without health consequences. Now Mary is strictly controlled by the parents but still finishing high school. Bob and Mary continue their love, but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alfredo M (fr) wrote: Fascinating story of a complicated, often dark, but brilliant subject. Captivating photos to go along with a perplexing tale.

Brad M (kr) wrote: Refreshingly new brand or horror with scares that aren't cheap and psychological uncertainty that isn't predictable. They don't make 'em like they used to, but hopefully they'll start making 'em like this.

Rick M (kr) wrote: Feels very real in spite of all the quirkiness. Great cast, ably executed.Touching, amusing. enjoy. Critics be damned.

Bruno S (de) wrote: Fuckin' amazing, and Full of amazing action seres, this installment of the franchise is AWESOME

Heng L (fr) wrote: This is why guys don't watch romance movies... This is so melodramatic. The girl gets raped, has a miscarriage, agonises over her parents' impending divorce and watches her boyfriend die from cancer. And oh, all this before she turns 20, the legal age for adulthood in Japan. It's like this cellphone novel threw in all the ingredients that are bound to make girls cry into the mix, stirred it a little and watched it brew potently. Woah! Some good scenes though. Like when the couple decided then and there to get married and the male suddenly had an emotional outburst, proclaiming his love for the girl. Kinda sweet. Especially when I don't think I am capable of such emotions. LOL. Plus, the wonders of cellphone technology! The leads said their farewell over their mobile phones. Face-to-face. Much better than if the girl threw herself over the male after the latter had died, according to conventional plots. Yui Aragaki totemo kirei na hito desu!

daniel s (ca) wrote: let play,rules of engagement.i love dis

Glen W (ru) wrote: A very nice film about the struggle of choosing between duty to one's proffesion and duty to one's family and passing the torch to the next generation. A refreshing departure from fast paced FX laden movies of the west and impossible fight sequences of eastern martial arts films. The secondary characters seem real instead of placed in only to drive the plot. It almost give it a documentary feel at times. The Chinese title of the film is more directly translated to " That mountain, that man, that dog" The use of wide shots that are kept on screen for a patient amount of time, ensures the beautiful landscape as one of the characters.

Nitin P (de) wrote: Best Stephen Chiau ever

Raymond C (de) wrote: Does anyone know where you can get the harmonica heavy version of Rolling Stones "Like a Rolling Stone"??? It plays in the closing credits.

Zach M (ag) wrote: This was a fun comedy about hip hop music and three friends who want to be like Run DMC.Good cast with Chris Rock, Phil Hartman, Charlie Murphy, Khandi Alexander, Chris Elliott, Allen Payne, Deezer D, Rachel True and Theresa Randle.Had some jokes that hit and some that missed completely.

RayNormanBateman (it) wrote: This is too funny for words, I rate it as a b movie and not compared to other films that I have rated lower or the same. It has the worst monster I have ever seen (the effects will make you laugh till you cry) and some seriously silly characters such as a guy who makes animal noises. This is why I love these films though. They are perfect for a night in after a few beers with your mates.

Chris B (jp) wrote: Full Review Coming Soon!

John P (ru) wrote: So here we are, at the end of the road with our Punisher movie review marathon. And let me just say that boy am I glad that I have saved the best for last. And by "best" I do mean the last good Punisher film out of the three. So apparently this was Lionsgate's last attempt at something with the franchise and, as the old saying goes, it's three strikes and you're out. After watching all three Punisher movies, over the course of a week, I think the main problem is that they are still telling this like they told Spider-Man with too much saturated color to the villains especially Dominic West who might as well should have been the Green Goblin. So let's end "punish" this final movie franchise once and for all.The movie is directed by Lexi Alexander who must have looked at this script and said, "I'm going to make the most splatterific goofy as hell comic book movie" and that is all this is. You really cannot take this movie seriously at all because it is like a cartoon. A lot of the side actors are pretty stereotypical with their accents and it shows when everyone opens their mouth. Also there are moments where New York must have the dumbest police forces because there are two officers who try to look for the Punisher but they can't find him. But then we see him just casually walk across the street in NYC all decked out in body armor and his side arms. Despite my complaints there are a few more positives than negatives. Ray Stevenson is dead on perfect as the Punisher by looking, acting, and sounding EXACTLY how the comic book character should be. The violence is awesome as well, especially with all of the face gore that goes on in here. I mean the Punisher punches a guy and his head explodes! We also do get a little bit more of a story complex with the Punisher as he makes a mistake accidentally killing a federal agent and is now contemplating whether to continue his crusade. I also enjoyed the hell out of Wayne Knight's character as Microchip who supplies Punisher the guns and supports him throughout his mistake. The movie gets extremely creative as to how the Punisher kills people every single time. Overall, on a grading curve, this IS the best Punisher movie out of the other two and it is worth watching if you get the chance. But it is not good enough to buy the DVD unless you are a die-hard fan of the character.

Scott M (ca) wrote: Hilary Swank does a wonderful job as Branden Teena. The story was told really well and I enjoyed it. You may still like this movie even if you hate transgenders. The director does an excellent job of portraying her as likable. Not strange or weird. That's what I love most about it.