Maanav is an orphan who was brought up by a Catholic Priest. After completing his M.A. he returns home and finds out that his mentor is dead. He re-locates to Bombay and a man named Gopichand Sharma attempts to steal his luggage. The men become friends - Gopichand eventually changes his lifestyle, decides to be honest. Maanav gets him a job with Hercules Milk Foods. Maanav meets with and falls in love with the daughter of the owner of Hercules Milk Foods, much to the chagrin of her Dad. Then one day Maanav disappears from Gopichand and Kaajal's lives. He re-locates to Simla and it is here that he learns that things have spiraled out of control.

Maanav is an orphan who was brought up by a Catholic Priest, Father Francis. After completing his M.A. he returns home to Taran Devi and finds out that his mentor his dead. He re-locates to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natalie J (kr) wrote: The movie was great I really like it I liked the songs at the end the great moshling egg was hatch and it was called mrs snoodle

Robbie V (fr) wrote: Three teenagers turn superhero but fortunately one of them is psychotic.

WS W (de) wrote: Quite cute- in a very Taiwanese way.

Private U (kr) wrote: i think it's a nice movie so i want to check it out.

Fumiko N (fr) wrote: This has to be my all time favorite movie. It is a beautiful example of the question we probably asked ourselves once in our lives: who is more crazy? The story takes place in a asylum very far from civilization, caught between the Russians and the Chechniyans but the actual storyline is universal: who is more crazy: those on the inside or those on the outside? The character development on each of the patients was pretty astonishing and Vysotskaya plays Janna with such tenderness that you can't help but feel for her.

Kathryn K (jp) wrote: Could be interesting...

Paul B (ru) wrote: A sensational film and one that you just want to go on and on and on. Shame it's not more widely publicised as I think it could well have been a massive hit. I actually stumbled across it by accident as I left my TV on whilst I was doing something else, but by then I was hooked and had to watch it to conclusion.

Sherry M (es) wrote: Yuck! Harrison Ford as a villain? Who wants to see THAT?? Not an edgy unlike able guy like in Mosquito Coast - just an out-an-out murderer? the hero of all ages? What WERE they thinking?

Eduardo C (it) wrote: Extremely underrated.

Scott W (mx) wrote: This was quite disappointing. Out of all of the Fred Astaire movies I've seen this is my least favorite. I really didn't like the plot, I don't even think Irene Dunne is attractive- she looked cross-eyed, and Randolph Scott's "Gee that's swell" got tiring. Without Fred and Ginger, I would have given it just one star. Their dancing sequences are as always fantastic but not nearly enough to make up for the rest of the flaws.

Zimalabim Z (ag) wrote: This is the WORSE film I have EVER seen !!! That is all what I can say ...

Ayat M (au) wrote: a total waste of time :-/

Greg W (br) wrote: awesome action movie that flixter once again lost my original review!