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David L (nl) wrote: Transformers: Dark of the Moon has no plot, no emotions, no heart and no brain. But, it has robots, a model and awesome special effects. Will they ever learn?!

James C (au) wrote: Riveting and heartbreaking film about a Turkish woman's attempt to get out of an abusive relationship and go home to Germany to get assistance from her family who abandon her due to cultural and societal stigma. Infuriating in that the main character is determined to keep contact with those who do not have her or her young son's best interests at heart. Really powerful central performance by Sibel Kekilli.

Shantel D (kr) wrote: If Evil Dead and something like Cabin Fever had a retarded baby, this would be it. It's boring and predictable; for the most part it makes no sense at all. Boo-urns.

Marisa M (br) wrote: GREAT premise; low-budget, dumb movie. But I have to say, I love Amanda Bynes. She's funny and engaging. I hope she gets her crap together.

Jay B (it) wrote: A stupidly decent waste of 90 minutes... loaded with Hollywood names. Hooks and Short share a funny scene or two, but Glick works a lil better in small doses.

Max S (gb) wrote: An early film that's a mess plot-wise. Most of the scenes seem staged like a play in a theater, which lessens the impact of certain sequences. But a good portion of the original film was missing and I have to give Micheaux credit, the film does end on a relatively happy note.

BryanMatthew M (gb) wrote: Unparalleled chemistry like that between O'Toole and Burton.

Catriona M (nl) wrote: really good film. based on a horrible murder

Anthony S (es) wrote: I think this is what right-wing bible thumpers, specifically the ones who's greatest achievement was barely completing high school, think happens in colleges. A window into the hopeless idiocy and incompetence of the filmmakers as they struggle to put a coherent film together. And yet devote worshipers will piss their money away on this, rewarding terrible filmmaking and immoral judgment.

Charlie G (fr) wrote: Very slow start but ended with a bang. Great action scenes.

Trevor W (au) wrote: Maybe you had to grow up with it.Although the production design and musical score is astounding and the action is mildly fun, the utter cheesiness and multitude of coincidences don't hold up. Come at me.

RajanSatish P (es) wrote: Oddly funny and ridiculously hilarious

Greg W (de) wrote: good sci-fi yarn when this was being filmed in Hawaii, I was there & was amazed each day they had 2 completely clean the beach and filming area was interesting watching the making of even better than and extras on the DVD.

Katelyn M (nl) wrote: This movie had a deep meaning but also had a lot of sad moments it still came out on top. The movie towards the end made you feel like you were going to see a sad foreshadow with johnny, But it takes a twist when Jake finds the truth. One main part was assuming people are a certian way because of there background but proves to be different when he was behind it all.