Dot and the Koala

Dot and the Koala

Fantasy adventures of a little redheaded girl and her animal friends in Australia. Live background and animated characters.

Fantasy adventures of a little redheaded girl and her animal friends in Australia. Live background and animated characters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick M (fr) wrote: Funny and entertaining!

Sarah H (au) wrote: I'm trying to figure out what happened to Krrish 2. Seems strange to me. I don't recall him having some of these powers from the original. All of the sudden he's almost like Superman, I was just waiting for him to actually start having lasers coming outta his eyes. There are a lot more special effects and I feel like people are stupid, but that was to further the plot, I guess. It was okay, but I think I like the original more.

Suresh C (de) wrote: this is great massala ! mahesh at his best :D

Zachary L (es) wrote: On the one hand this is an interesting look into smalltown life in mainland China (and not Beijing or Shanghai- the usual subjects). On the other hand, that's about it as far as plot goes. This is one of those arthouse flicks with no real meaning and no real plot, just life in the town for two young men. Even the cinematography was uninteresting at times, long shots without music just the sounds of the city or a motorcycle. To me these scenes felt drawn out but I could see how it could try to set the mood as more realistic. Not my cup of tea or at least not what I was in the mood for at the time of watching this.

Willard M (au) wrote: Top Three Films of all time.10/10

John A (es) wrote: i stayed up till 1 o'clock watching this movie haha

David F (it) wrote: Not a home run, but a solid hit anyway. Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine make a suitably seedy and menacing pair - Nicholson as a two-timing rat bastard who plans a Miami heist caper with the aid of inside girl and lover Lopez, and Caine (who comes across as the more interesting of the two) as a consumptive ex-con safercracker who desperately wants to die in the lap of luxury. After losing the goods to Nicholson's crippled and miserably neglected wife (a very natural and pitiful Judy Davis) and spiteful stepson Dorff. In spite of this terrific cast, the neo-noir script is no great shakes, we've seen all this before. Jack's performance is pretty one-dimensional and middle of the road, but it is great to see him working with Caine, whose character of the aging thief Vic alternates between grim pathos and burning homicidal intensity.

Private U (us) wrote: Gotta love the older ones that are about biggots. The only thing that I had problems with were the scenes that were supposed to be night and they seemed a little too bright, but I think that was because they were filmed on location and it really couldn't be helped. It was a great film and it was well acted. It has a little slow pacing at the begining but that picks up fast toward the middle of the film (after everyone is all introduced).

Thomas T (ru) wrote: Daniel Radcliffe gives a brilliant performance as the lead role, and the source material from the titular novel makes Horns satisfying enough to enjoy.