The morphine-addicted detective Charlie Daines is on the trail of a sophisticated psychopath who is setting up murders and broadcasting them live on the internet. As he closes in on the killer, he realizes that it has become personal and that he is to be the final victim. Will he catch the killer before it's too late or will his old-school methods mean his death?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   fire,  

A detective tries to hunt down a serial killer who broadcasts his murders live on the internet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (br) wrote: Normally these types of movies fail because the characters aren't very likeable, but Spiderhole doesn't fail from that. Actually the characters are quite good,despite their lack of morals when it comes to squatting. That aside, they are interesting, and the story iteself leads to lots of fun. However, the movie rather falls apart when we meet the evil force. The captor isn't interesting or logical, and destroys any tension that was wonderfully built up in the first half.

Keisha M (ag) wrote: KennedyParlett'?...(TM)~"??

Daniel B (au) wrote: Definitely worth a watch

Daniel R (gb) wrote: Kinda cool idea with the aliens, but the movie is just ASS

Paul A (de) wrote: The action is the best part of the movie

John E (nl) wrote: I really liked this one... Macaulay Culkin will always be a favourite of mine and it's nice to see him looking healthy and I think he has a wit and a charm about him in this film. I found it deep and thought provoking... I liked the realism, there are situations that you can really relate to, Eliza Dushku was a nice treat too, she does moody very well. Worth a watch for sure, for anyone who has found themselves on the wrong end of a young relationship, it explore the dynamics quite well.

john b (it) wrote: Fay Grim is a spy movie whose espionage elements, characters and dialogue feel firmly rooted in the clouds. With rapid fire reparte, the characters of Fay Grimm never quite come down to earth, but that's okay; it's just fun listening to them. I don't mind having to occasionally looking up for fear of something going over my head; however, there are so many quips and intanglements coming in at a mile a minute, I nearly had a crick in my neck aferword. Everything skips along metered nicely by a jazz score, anchored by some really strong supporting performances and Jeff Goldbloom who never disappoints. The movie takes some interesting direction especially towards the end when the realilty of all these spy games comes to head. Was I really supposed to start taking it seriously and cringing when characters starting getting knocked off at that point? Fay Grim is a little uneven in that regard, but still worth it's weight in the big, fluffy clouds from which it never really comes down.

Maisam M (ca) wrote: Cant Remember much..

Luke L (ag) wrote: I don't like Larry Clark that much

Dale Z (us) wrote: One of the greatest shows I've seen seen, beautifully filmed and it's Canadian!

Khaled M (mx) wrote: Who said musicals should have a happy endings. Give it to Bjork to make the saddest most grooming musicals ever. Great performance, hope she would repeat it again.

Nina L (br) wrote: Jane Horrocks is absolutely amazing and her vocal skills are superb. This kitsch little comedy happens in a small British harbor and is full of tacky characters.

Houston L (ag) wrote: A slow start but a really satisfying conclusion the likes of which seldom appear in the made-for-tv genre. Also, something I've never seen done so well in a time travel flick.

Brendon M (ca) wrote: An example of style over substance with little originality in terms of character development. Restrained visuals that rarely grab viewers attention. Somewhat dated music. Average performances from legends Dafoe and Sarandon are highlighted by moments of surprising humanity that are sorely few and far between. A cold examination of a hotly dangerous criminal society.

Eric P (br) wrote: Predator 2 was okay, but sh*t happens.

Claire B (jp) wrote: I love this movie. I love everything about it: the actors, the time period, the setting, everything. LOVE.

Private U (mx) wrote: I love the animals on this one:)

Josh G (us) wrote: There were some good songs on it, other than that, not worth it.

Orlok W (es) wrote: Creepy goings on at Ingston Manor!!

Matt G (ru) wrote: Hepburn and Grant are every bit as great as their legacy says in this wonderfully and hilariously absurd escapist comedy. Of course the endless screwball patter and clever slapstick works, but it's all so quietly graceful underneath its chaotic exterior. Stars hang from falling scaffolding, actors work closely with dangerous animals, political correctness is pushed aside...quite simply, this is the kind of comedy you can't make anymore, and that's truly a shame.