Double DI Trouble

Double DI Trouble

The film is based on Comedy of Errors, where Shakespeare's well known play would take a desi avatar when a father-son pair discovers their mirror images in a different city.

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Chris W (ru) wrote: An adaptation in name only, this is Woody Allen's collection of seven vignettes concerning various aspects of human sexuality. It's all very silly, and absurd, and some of it is quite dated, but overall, this is a lesser Allen work, but still rather amusing at times. Sometimes the humor feels more like Mel Brooks than Allen, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Several of the shorts seem to be a genre or style parody, and that was fine with me. For example, a segment on aphrodisiacs is done as a medieval/Shakespeare farce. There's a segment that is a take on Italian art films, a game show spoof, and, the two funniest and best bits are a monster movie riff, and a NASA/mission control satire respectively.In the monster movie one, we get a giant breast on the loose (parody of the blob), and in the mission control short, it concerns a man's internal organs functioning as a mission control command center relaying various messages to parts of the body in preparation for sex. This segment features Burt Reynolds of all people as a switchboard operator, and Allen as a sperm having second thoughts about his mission, which is portrayed as a group of paratroopers preparing to jump. That is ridiculously wacky and absurd, but absolutely hilarious. I dug the Italian art film homage as well. Some of the short are kinda blah, and some of this is really dated and rather tame in comparison to some of the stuff we get in today's films and television, but at least the segments are all pretty short with the next one just around the corner.All in all, this film is kinda dumb, and lesser Woody, but I was amused just enough to feel comfortable giving it a very slight recommendation.

jane a (jp) wrote: Move along, nothing to see here...

Michael B (de) wrote: It was exactly as I expected it to be. Certainly could have done worse in the look of the monsters. Definitely unique. And it was just as cheesy and campy as I could have expected an indie monster flick to be. In short, I loved it.

Po Po L (nl) wrote: Like this idea , but it's thrilling !!!

Leftonred A (nl) wrote: Well done documentary.

Chloe A (de) wrote: 4 stars!Great film! Hooked from the beginning to the end

Armando P (ag) wrote: This movie changed my life, it opened my eyes and I hope yours too. Apart from that, it's a fantastic movie by Fincher, his best in my opinion. When people say Brad Pitt can't act I just show them this movie. And Norton? What about Norton? Well in my opinion he did even better than Pitt but people just didn't like him that much for some reason.

Sarah F (gb) wrote: Yeah, i'd like to see this, i think!

Fallon H (mx) wrote: WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!

Kayleigh P (mx) wrote: The ending had a pretty good plot twist, but other than that, I personally thought the movie was confusing and very uninteresting.

Rory Fyfe S (kr) wrote: Great Bond movie. Super performances. Great scenes and adventure.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Low-budget horror with a lot of cult value, although Donlevy plays Quatermass far too straight.

Kyle L (jp) wrote: Just when you thought that fans of the Nightmare On Elm Street series will get disappointed in the worst possible way after part 5 receiving negative feedback from critics and fans even flopping at the box office then things just got worse with this sixth installment in the Nightmare On Elm Street series and it is true Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare is the worst installment out of the seven Nightmare On Elm Street series. The story of this movie takes place after the events of The Dream Child. Where Springfield now lost its population after the deaths of every kid in that town by suicides and other things. A young man name John Doe arrives in another town and meets with a girl name Maggie. Together she and a couple of the remaining Elm Street kids return to Springwood where the town is now full of people who are crazed like mental institution patients and Maggie soon learns her identity that she is in fact Freddy's real daughter and Freddy has found a way to kill people once again. It is now up to her to get rid of her demonic and demented father once and for all. From the moment I saw the trailer of this movie I knew that it was already plain awful to watch it. And when I saw the actual movie itself oh my god it is so bad for your eyes and a big insult to the fans of the Nightmare On Elm Street films. Trust me if you're a big fan of the Nightmare On Elm Street movies remove this from the list just watch the original Wes Craven classic until Part 5 because Part 5 is the real ending to the Nightmare On Elm Street series not this dreadful crap that ended up being super cheesy and super corny to the max. If you look at this movie you can see that it is seriously full of the worst moments in Horror film history. My main issue with this film was that it goes way too far in the humor and it made the movie way too comedic. Instead of being scary like the previous films the movie's comedic feel made it look like a complete joke so it means that this installment is a spoof than a scary Horror film and you can already see that in several scenes in the film. The other things that is so bad about this movie is the laughable 3D effects combined with the worse CGI in film history. Just imagine the Syfy channel making an awful 3D Horror film filled with horrible and terrible CGI effects into the mix then you will get the idea of this film. It felt as if the Syfy channel bought the rights of the Nightmare On Elm Street series from New Line Cinema and they made this movie in the worst possible way this is just as bad as those video game adaptations directed by the idiot Uwe Boll. What else is bad about this movie oh yeah there's more of it and I'm willing to tell you about that. The other things I hate in this movie are the characters. Yes I mean all the characters. The characters in this movie are so one dimensional, cardboard and paper thin characters and they are also unlikable which is truly a masterpiece in the history of the worst films ever made. But the worst part in this film other than the suspense, atmosphere and tension missing is the use of awful over the top soundtrack even Freddy himself was really awful. I hate the use of annoying rock and roll soundtrack in several parts of the movie and it is pure ear torture. Freddy Krueger himself was much worse than in Part 5, since in Part 5 he was scary in the first half until in the last half he became less scary. But here he was a complete joke and he became way more annoying than ever its such a big disappointment and disgrace for me that the character of Freddy Krueger became an unscary boogeyman in this film and I did not like with what they did to Freddy in this movie. Plus the kills are so stupid and too comical instead of being gross and disgusting and very gory. Oh and speaking of gore and blood the gore here is so fake and it looks cheesy at the same time. Everything in this movie is an awful cheese fest and it destroyed the image of Freddy Krueger and as a fan of the Nightmare On Elm Street films I hate this installment for real I prefer to watch the first five Nightmare On Elm Street films including part 7 rather than this piece of junk that smells worse than a dog's poo or worse than the smell of a dumpster with over flowing trash. Now the acting oh my goodness! Not only the characters in this movie are so unlikable but also the acting is worse than you can truly expect. Everyone delivers super awful and horrible performances. The only actress who did an ok job is Lisa Zane who portrayed Freddy's daughter Maggie in this film and even though she looks like a beautiful lead actress who is so hot at the same time her character is so shallow and I could not stand her character at all the same can be said to the other casts who deliver horrible performances. This is also Robert Englund's worst performance ever as the burned face night stalking killer Freddy Krueger who is no longer scary and became a complete joke from the start of this movie until the ending. And even though there were some cool cameos from Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp(who portrayed Glen Nancy's boyfriend in the original Nightmare On Elm Street) it doesn't save the movie and I don't dare put any high points in this movie even though you get to see two cameos from two popular stars so sorry but its my opinion that everyone here delivers the worst performances in Horror and film history. At one point since this movie was directed by Rachel Talalay who was the producer of the amazing Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master it didn't feel as if she directed the movie. It felt as if after the rights of this movie was brought by the Syfy channel and had some disagreements with them she gave the script to Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer(the guys behind the worst spoof films like Epic Movie, Meet The Spartans etc....) told them what to do and of course both Friedberg and Seltzer hired Freddy Got Fingered director and comedian plus actor Tom Green to direct the film and made the worst film in the Nightmare On Elm Street series and they made Freddy look like a complete joke and made the movie look more of an awful spoof film rather than a scary film. Overall Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare is the worst installment in the Nightmare On Elm Street series and it is also one of the worst sequels ever made since the awful Jason X and Halloween 4-6 and Halloween Resurrection. This movie still feels like it was made by the Syfy channel than New Line Cinema itself. I am not giving this movie any points or any stars. This movie gets a complete 0/10. I hate this movie!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to watch the series in order just watch from the first film until part 5 and 7. Just cut this one out of the series because it doesn't even belong to the Nightmare On Elm Street series due to its horrible and pure awful execution.

Sonjae Q (kr) wrote: If you don't expect too much it's alright, standard teen slasher film