Double Happiness

Double Happiness

Jade Li is a feisty, 20-something Chinese Canadian, trying to achieve that happy medium between giving in to her parent's wishes and fulfilling her own needs and desires - double happiness. Naturally, something's got to give and when love beckons in the shape of Mark, a white university student, the facade of the perfect Chinese daughter begins to slip.

Twenty-two year old Chinese-Canadian Jade Li comes from a traditional Chinese family, who try to put on the perfect public persona at all cost so as to "save face". One primary part of this... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raven D (gb) wrote: Everything in this movie,from the script to the acting (guess more the script) is overblown and juvenile. Edit everything out but Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde.Those 2 scenes alone...oh...Im gettin this in bluray.

Lauren S (mx) wrote: A hilarious film with a great story and cast.

Heather A (au) wrote: Somebody should have helped this movie not to suck.

Jared M (ag) wrote: I liked this one. the plot was good, and Zegers was good for his small appearence.

BRUNO V (au) wrote: Kiefer saves this just oke story !

Jordan G (ru) wrote: This is my favorite Marilyn Monroe film, hands down. It is almost painful to watch someone so stunning and vulnerable and infinitely beyond any of our leagues to attain. The sex appeal hasn't aged a bit and it is still hilarious at parts. Lorelei Lee in this movie is evidence that women like Cleopatra and Helen of Troy can in fact be the most powerful person in the world.

Thomas K (jp) wrote: Over Long. Less is more. What can I say. There are parts of this film I adore. Kong pushing Ann over and laughing, is genuinely one of my favourite film moments. This film also features one of my least favourite film moments. The farce of the dinosaurs tripping over. Such a shame. Edit 45 minutes out and I sincerely believe we'd have a 5 star film on our hands.

Jude P (us) wrote: Eastwood's macho and Malkovich's melancholia entwine - we are at a spellbound. Brilliant movie and highly entertaining.

Spencer S (au) wrote: Edward Albee's words are magnificent for the silver screen, but it is the performances from Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton that truly bring the vitriol and bitterness to the surface. Many believe they modeled their performances on their real life relationship, and that this is the ultimate portrait of a crumpled marriage. Martha and George have a life built on the misconception that they can be happy based on political and social standards, but now, in their middle age, both feel the weight of their inactions and prejudices. They invite over a married couple (Sandy Dennis and George Segal) and spend the entire night fighting and degrading themselves and their guests. The play is about faith in love, and the decay of a relationship that needed to end years ago. Mike Nichols seems impervious to failure, and with this, his first venture, he has secured legions of fans who want to see the drama of interpersonal relationships displayed onscreen again and again.