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Suicide has long been used as a form of social protest in Japan. In this film, set in 1703, samurai culture is being transformed by the emergence of a new merchant class. Elements of the social contract are beginning to unravel, and some unscrupulous people took undue advantage of these changes before the social order was re-created. In this story, a rich merchant gives his clerk an I.O.U. instead of wages. When the impoverished clerk presents the paper to the merchant at the agreed upon time asking for payment, the man flies into a rage and pretends he never wrote it and claims the clerk is trying to defraud him. Then he sets his henchmen on the clerk to administer a beating. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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willy w (fr) wrote: spoiler alerts: this film builds a great moral dilemma on the classic (Jewish? - I'm thinking Rabbi Akiva and Heschel [I'm not Jewish]) tension between the supremacy of truth or compassion, or as they phrase it: which is more important? study or action?the acting is good. the pacing is good. the Amelie-like story telling is enjoyable. the cinematography is nothing to write home about but suits the film. however, it ends on a quite unsatisfactory note. the truth remains concealed. actually, what really bothers me on reflection, is that there is no redemption, no forgiveness. it is still powerful, and quite haunting, due to the unresolved tension. all three family members know -each secretly- and none confronts the other. they all choose to disguise the truth. the son's commitment is understandable. the wife's less so, but her character is hardly revealed so I don't know what she's doing or expected to do with this information. she seems to be less than involved with her husband, or even interested. the father. well, he seems almost evil by the end. a bitter, dried up old man. additionally, motifs of illusion/disillusion, truth/lies/confusion. still, in the end the film seems to be made out of a spirit of malice or disdain for the father, which i dislike. probably because of my own strained relations with my father are an ongoing problem for me. yet the haunting quality behind the results of dishonesty make for good film, as well as an interesting reflection on the devastating power of truth, and begs the viewer to ask anew what Talmud really is. (again, I'm not Jewish, but the question can be translated into my own system of moral evaluations).

michael b (us) wrote: way better than i thought

Nolan M (kr) wrote: This horror film written by Alexandre Aja follows the standard horror cliches and storyline. Could have been more realistic considering the setting, but is an okay horror film.

Nathan C (us) wrote: Bitter, black existential comedy about two unfortunate jerks taking petty revenge on an arbitrary and careless universe. Accomplished its task well, but the bleakness of the comedy crippled the film for me.

richard o (ca) wrote: i like the helicopters

Marc R (de) wrote: Modern 'Point Blank'. Well worth a look, especially for Stephen Dorf

Shane J (ag) wrote: Speed made him a star this should have finished him. Absolute dreadful film that should have no one of any worth in and should be direct to dvd tosh. Keane reeves is the worst in this,as wooden as he's ever been

Al M (de) wrote: Beautifully filmed samurai fare that questions the nature of authority while exploring the psyches of those who attempt to live outsdie the hierarchies that society attempts to force upon them. Delving deep into issues of greed, rebellion, and devotion, Gosha scultps a film the questions the very foundation of moralistic systems, akin to the cultural revolution occuring in the 1960s.

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