Double Take

Double Take

The governor of a Mexican state is assassinated. Soon after, junior executive Daryl Chase's life turns upside down: after he flags a huge transfer of funds from a Mexican account as probably illegal, he's attacked in his apartment, rescued by a CIA agent, finds his secretary shot dead, and witnesses two cops get killed. He calls the CIA guy who tells him to grab the next train to Mexico. Leaving M

The film is directed by Orlando Jones, Eddie Griffin, Gary Grubbs . It is about an excellent investment banker Daryl Chase suddenly finds himself trying to escape from the FBI. What will happen? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony H (es) wrote: Delightful to watch. Some great footage from the 70s and 80s. I found out a lot about Paul Kelly, and became even more attached to his music.

K W (kr) wrote: Blair Witch meets Jurassic park.

Darryl G (us) wrote: Ugh bad acting, bad CGI, we have love for James Bond, the extent has limits.

charlotte m (mx) wrote: very good movie loved it

Stuart H (mx) wrote: Very much fits the cliche model of terrorizing hapless young vacationers, with plenty of sadistic, crass medical gore.

Mouhannad S (au) wrote: This movie attempts social-political relevance, an exploration of the fears and guilt of middle-class America on a profound level. Unfortunately this movie is just profoundly dull. The main character, George Grieves, is superficial and arouses no interest or sympathy. The film wants us to explore the fears and guilt of a man we could care less about let alone empathize with. The story itself is overwrought with heavy handed metaphors, lacks suspense or thrill and is torpid at best. For the most part I was left feeling disappointed and uninterested. If you really want to make a statement about the human condition, next time a little less thematic symbolism and a little more humanity.

Heather M (mx) wrote: This was a great cast and their characters were charmingly quirky. I loved the ending because I have a soft spot for happy endings in movies.

SteL P (au) wrote: Jamie Bell, so talented for his age ! Gives quite a performance, shows anger and passion and determination and intelligence and sassiness and cuteness.

Tayden M (fr) wrote: This movie was so bad, it was good. So watch it if you've got a few drinks and some friends over, its terrible, but you'd probably get a kick out of this poorly made movie. :p

Alex W (kr) wrote: exactly the type of movies i don't, a series of scenes strung together without a cohesive story. Watch with subs there glasgow accents are thick as f

bill s (br) wrote: We get to the climax without any real tension built up which makes the whole movie anti-climatical.

Jeff H (jp) wrote: A classic musical adaptation that makes for cinematic magic. B

Ioan D (nl) wrote: The First TRUE movie Resident Evil

Kimberley S (ca) wrote: it was a bad film but I knew that going in. I did really enjoy watching it for cheap laughs and satirical purposes. I think this film is gold in its own right, it was good enough to be watchable and bad enough to be a funny guilty pleasure.