Double Tap

Double Tap

A drug-lord targets an undercover FBI agent and the hit man she falls in love with while tracking.

A drug-lord targets an undercover FBI agent and the hit man she falls in love with while tracking. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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SV G (kr) wrote: As TV Movies that are "based on true stories" go, this is a good one, primarily becuase of the strong performance by Harry Connick, Jr and of Bernadette Peters. Harry plays a doctor who is developing a cure for cancer and devotes his life work to that cause. Special features on the DVD version offers some insight and background to the story and real people this movie was based on.

Safriya K (it) wrote: funny & wierd. Interesting movie. With compared to movies like American Desi.. dis movie sucked.

Mariana T (it) wrote: Michael Jackson es retratado como un eterno nio o, ms bien, como un tipo bastante idiota. Se pasas muy por encima o derechamente se omiten los sucesos pol (C)micos de la vida de Jackson. Tratan de darle una nueva perspectiva a hechos como que el cantante exhibiera peligrosamente a su hijo sobre el balcn, como si lo hubiese hecho en un acto de ingenuidad y constante entusiasmo, pero no resulta muy verosmil esta mirada.

Eve C (de) wrote: Vincent Cassel est vraiment un des meilleurs acteurs de sa g (C)n (C)ration !!!!Les putains de poulets sont TOUS des lches ...

Ne J (de) wrote: Melinda vin tragic N comic valka.. tragic kathaikkandi melinda va smoker aa kamikurathu.. ninacchya oru 'Allen Touch' :) :)

Ethan B (au) wrote: As an aspiring standup comedian, I felt it necessary to watch Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedian" before I went any further with my set development. I have to say it was both entertaining and informative. Maybe I got more out of it considering my present circumstance, but I think that it's great insight to a world that many never consider has much insight. It's an art that's taken for granted much of the time. It's easy to laugh. We tell jokes with our friends, so it must be easy to do something that is so bare at its essence. "Comedian" proves that that's not really the case.The premise is to show the construction of a one-hour set. Seinfeld is scrapping all his old material and starting over. He's made it and proven himself in the world of comedy, but seeks a higher challenge and meaning. This is paralleled with young comedian, Orny Adams, who tries to make a name for himself. For those interested in pursuing standup comedy, this is a must-watch. It aims to motivate and is pretty unbiased in its effort. And for those who just like to spectate, it will show you a different side to that world.Twizard Rating: 94

Sunil J (kr) wrote: Overdramatic and boring. Doesn't really bring anything new to relationship movies.

Brad W (mx) wrote: Pretty much a TV movie despite the T&A. You could see where Charlie was headed after this.

Karien v (it) wrote: very good film about the political change in venezuela and its effect on latin america.. follows chavez's career and outlines the steps necessary for a revolution..

Karen M (es) wrote: really cheesy but jamie foxx has a few classic lines and does the best impression of bill cosby i've ever heard

Denise D (de) wrote: Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are awesome in this! So is Ann-Margret. Hilarious. Makes me want to try ice-fishing...just not with them. ;)

Paul P (fr) wrote: The best part about Melvin and Howard is it focuses entirely on Melvin. It's a totally fresh point of view. A bunch of solid performances but it's Mary Steenburgen who stands, she's fantastic.

Ben W (ag) wrote: a film that drew me in right from the beginning. tom courtenay is brilliant. a young man in a small town thats full of fantasies and wants to escape....but ultimately he cant. we want him to so badly but somethig holds him back. and its not as though he doesnt have the opportunity, julie christies character (she might be at her most beautiful here) offers him the chance to take a risk and he almost does. its heartbreaking in a way. schlesinger made a wonderful film.

Private U (kr) wrote: Weirdly long and overly complicated, but it kind of worked. Kind of.

Naveen B (mx) wrote: Coherence is a good story and well made film in its own right, but the way it deals with human nature and the basic instincts which lie barely concealed by a veneer of civilization makes this film sublime. The director has proved that you can shoot a phenomenal film in a single room (for the most part) and a shoestring budget with the help of good acting, an innovative plot and excellent editing - there is hope for cinema yet!

Craig F (br) wrote: Carried by the lead performances and the music. It never wow's but it remains entertaining throughout.

Marta R (au) wrote: A little far fetched with all Gerard Butler was capable of doing... but he certainly got his point across!!

Jose D (jp) wrote: wonderful tribute to jazz and the romance of jazz musicians. the performance scenes are especially great. this movie was so cool it inspired my high school jazz band teacher to show it to us for inspiration. he's a great teacher and it really helped.

Juani S (kr) wrote: Great movie, pictures desperation in a vivid and realistic way.

Berni E (au) wrote: Gorgeous scenery/beautiful actors. Amazing music. Hadn't seen it for years and thoroughly enjoyed it - again.