Double Trouble

Double Trouble

When singer Gut Lambert goes on tour in Europe, he is pursued by two beautiful women, bumbling jewel thieves, and a mysterious killer.

When singer Guy Lambert goes on tour in Europe, he is pursued by two beautiful women, bumbling jewel thieves, and a mysterious killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Riky R (nl) wrote: i don't really have high hope for this movie at the first place. I, basically, watch it for Clemence Poesy. But man, it's good. It brings upon us the harsh reality about marriage and family, something i believe everybody can relate to. Michael Caine shows us why he is a two-time Oscar winner. And one more thing, Paris looks amazing through the lens, beautiful. Overall, this movie has its own flaws, but to me, it got outweighed by the goods. I find myself more than satisfied when it all said and done.

David W (br) wrote: One of those films you are supposed to like...or appreciate...but I couldn't help but notice the cliches running the subtext of this. It was not engaged or enlightened and feel I should have been. Not boring...but not compelling either. I should feel for the Muslims as well, but I'm still not able to do so. This failing, I suppose, is my own...but there it is.

Renee G (gb) wrote: looks scary :) i love seeing scary movies at the movies as long as i dnt shit myself to muchh

Nicol M (nl) wrote: Enjoyable despite the common plot and the terrible visual effects ( only in some scenes ).

Donna F (ag) wrote: It's silly, but you get drawn in. Steve Zahn is wacko!

Chris J (mx) wrote: It's like Modern Problems, only it's even stupider. There is no reason for this movie to exist.

Mary H (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie and I loved seeing how displaced Dean and Frank were at the go-go bar. Very funny movie.

Tracey c (ag) wrote: A hypochondriac tries to find a new husband for his beloved wife after mistakenly believing that he will soon die. The results are hilarious. Although George is happily married to Judy, he worries about everything and always thinks he's sick. One day, while visiting Dr. Morrissey, George overhears the physician discussing the gloomy outlook for another patient... and thinks the doctor is talking about him! Now under the impression that he has only a few weeks left to live, he sets out to find Judy an acceptable mate to take his place. Meanwhile, George's buddy, next-door-neighbor Arnold, is more devastated by the news of his friend's condition than anyone else. So he goes out and tries to drown his sorrows in booze... for an entire three days. Further confusion sets in when George lines up a millionaire to become his wife's next husband -- an egotist who just happens to be one of Judy's old flames. Will George find out the truth about his condition before his marriage is destroyed?

Omar L (kr) wrote: "It's 2007. The sixties are over."I wrote that as an initial dismissal of this movie when I first saw the trailer of "Across the Universe" 10 years ago. I said that after getting annoyed with so many retrospectives celebrating the 60s, which was the opposite of how the 60s should be remembered. The 60s (which really means post-JFK to Watergate) was when so much social change happened in such a small span of time that the only comparable change happened during the Civil War.This movie uses the voice of The Beatles to narrate the feelings of America in the 60s (which today's progressives would idiotically denounce as "cultural appropriation), and it does it so well. Yes, one of the characters is named Jude, but when "Hey, Jude" inevitably appears, the song is earned.This movie is not without its flaws, however. Much more of this movie's rather long running time could have been devoted to the Civil Rights Movement, and a lot of that time could have been found in eliminating the completely unnecessary character of Prudence. But this film is a must see for any student of the era when politics, music, and art all helped change American society. And it's a must see for anyone who loves The Beatles.

Augustine H (ru) wrote: "The unexpected is always upon us. And of all the gifts arrayed before me, this one thought at this moment in my life is the most precious. And so, we begin again." I like this final tagline very much. Indeed, as described in the movie, love can be an intolerable and painful experience. It is already hard enough to find one you love, let alone find the one you love loves you. Even if you have found the other, they may leave suddenly for various reasons. There is no gurantee at all. If we can have the attitude in the tagline, we will be overjoyed, although it is very hard to archieve.

Dillon L (nl) wrote: a reall powerful movie

Emily A (au) wrote: Sort of good, sort of annoying. Well acted and written (for what it is). Not the truth bomb it claims to be though, sorry.