Double Whammy

Double Whammy

Ray Pluto has many problems. He is satirized in the tabloids as the "loser cop." His partner is starting to seem suspiciously attracted to him. A pair of screenwriters across the hall keep bugging him for help. The superintendent of his building is stabbed by hoodlums hired by his own rebellious daughter. To top it off, a sexually aggressive chiropractor may just be Ray's undoing.

A world-weary police detective who fails to stop a fast-food restaurant massacre struggles to regain his departmental reputation, public image and self-worth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim B (mx) wrote: I always like the style of Spike Lees films and this one is no different and I love most of his films and that is where its different. Most of the acting was awful except Thomas Jefferson Byrd, and the story didn't have much emotion or meaning until the end. I respect that hes going back to making smaller movies but I didn't get this one.

Nancy C (es) wrote: Brilliantly cast, brought me back in time to a stark reality, with humor and pathos.

Britny S (us) wrote: One of the characters is partially based off of Eugene Hutz. I really want to see this.

Matt L (mx) wrote: This really boils down to a showcase for Watts and a really enjoyable one at that. Watts delivers one of the best performances of her career.

Luc L (ag) wrote: A refreshing and entertaining film from Norway.

Graham M (ag) wrote: Stephenie Meyer would love this film. I can't imagine anyone else appreciating a love story between a girl and a stalker.

Ben R (it) wrote: Bad Music,Bad hitler Impersonator,Bad Zombies,Bad Acting,Bad Sets,Bad underage chicks,Bad EVERYTHING!!!! Stay Away if you want something good. If you want a giant piece of shit to make fun of, pop this in if you can find a beat up old vhs. I mean seriously, a fucking bassline brings back the dead in this folks so that should tell you something about the quality of this.

Richard B (fr) wrote: Crap, crap and crap! Brought this film for 2 and it was still a ripoff! Apart from the fact that it's unbelievably annoying with the amount of times he accepts gifts from him when he could just say no! But the film has no meaning, is poorly produced and has shockingly bad acting. AGGHHH Just avoid this film!

Robert M (us) wrote: Segal's stuntman does most of the work. Oh and the movie is dumb too.

Matt W (nl) wrote: Great guilty pleasure...Gerard Butler, Matthew M and Christian Bale all in one movie? EPIC

Kristina K (jp) wrote: A profound movie about a sad era not long ago. Only people from east Europe can understand the intimacy and truth about this story. Critics are shameless and cocky writing about something they have no idea about!!!

Phillip G (fr) wrote: A Good Insight Into Two Very Different Perspectives and Situations During Conflict. Good Performances by Damon and Washington Make This Movie.

Nataa L (gb) wrote: I adore Egoyan too much to give him less than 3 and starts! There are some shortcomings in the pace of this movie. The script appears to be well written and the cast does an OK job of bringing these characters to life, but there is something missing!