An old Jewish baker struggles to keep his business afloat until his young Muslim apprentice accidentally drops cannabis in the dough and sends sales sky high.

Safa Habimana, is an immigrant in Britain who is struggling to make ends meet, with the hope that one day, she and her teenage son will reunite with her husband. On the other hand, her son Ayyash, a troubled young Muslim with lots of time in his hands, has no interest in anything except how to spend the time with his friends and make easy money. An occurrence caused by bad luck and even worse timing, will bring the Police on his doorstep forcing Safa to take drastic measures. So she sets up an appointment with Nat, a Jew baker for whom she works for asking him to take Ayyash as an apprentice. Beginnings are usually hard at first, but as time moves on, business flourish and customers rush in, a strong bond will develop between the two men, unbeknownst to them that problems are just around the corner... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David C (ag) wrote: What an excellent surprise Don't Think Twice was. With little to know about the cast and production team, this was a shot in the dark in terms of what was expected. Utilising a fresh premise revolving around a close group of improvisational actors in NYC, the film not only embodied a unique setting, it also boasted a fine cast of performances, along with a heartfelt plot and a bucket load of laughs. Smart, witty, original and captivating, director and actor, Mike Birbiglia is certainly one to watch out for.

Tanner M (jp) wrote: An unoriginal ghost movie. Now this movie is called "Annabelle," but it has nothing to do with "annabelle." Instead it's about some weird demon that a cult conjured up. FALSE ADVRITISING! Also the charecters are soulless. Especially the father he conveyed no emotion throughout the movie. The ending was also bad as well. Compared to the Compared to "The Conjuring."

Anthony J (ru) wrote: It really captures the 70s with it's gritty imagery and riveting soundtrack. All the actors do pretty well in this low budget Canadian gem. Black Fawn films are surely on the rise and deservedly so.

Jack B (mx) wrote: This movie was boring, awkward, and the documentary approach was a little to fake with this acting. I strongly disliked "John K. Buttsin".

Halima M (au) wrote: i love this movie,i'm looking forward 2 see it again

sey g (mx) wrote: I enjoyed the movie. It did seem pointless in the beginning but it tries to illustrate the fact that at some point in our life we get to the place where we evaluate our life, which can either lead us to finding a path that brings about change or simply a path that enables us to wallow in misery.

Dudy M (jp) wrote: powerfull film, one of best war films ever made alongside "taegukgi" tragic movie with huge impact. highly recomended.

Joanof A (de) wrote: it was a surprise. Kudos

Paavo L (es) wrote: Harrison Fordin johtama iskuryhma lahtee tuhoamaan strategisesti tarkeata siltaa. ihan ok leffa vaikkei kovin omaperainen olekkaan.

Henry B (us) wrote: A real african american classic

Karla C (nl) wrote: best movie ever I seen

Michael s (ru) wrote: wife liked it okay date movie