Down and Dangerous

Down and Dangerous

Always one step ahead of the Feds, Paul Boxer is the most inventive and principled smuggler in the trade, never needed to carry guns. But someone is killing off his co-workers, Paul is forced setting his principles to a test.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   murder,   prison,  

Always one step ahead of the Feds, Paul Boxer is the most inventive and principled smuggler in the trade, and has never needed to carry a gun. When violent mid-level traffickers coerce him ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deepak T (gb) wrote: No One Knows About Persian Cats

Mellisa N (ca) wrote: this movie make love story look so beautiful

Marco H (fr) wrote: Nette Actionkomdie mit gut anzusehenden Kampfszenen (die aber nicht immer berzeugen knnen) und einer zufriedenstellenden Story. Zudem ist der Film teilweise ziemlich langweilig und bietet wenig neues. Der Humor ist ein wenig gewhnungsbedrftig und stellenweise einfach nur doof, da ist wohl auch die etwas bertriebene Synchronisation dran Schuld. Dank kurzer Laufzeit, aber sicherlich einen Blick wert. 06/10The Korean Job (dt. Titel)

Guillermo G (ca) wrote: Diferentes perspectivas de diferentes madres hacia las relaciones de sus hijos homosexuales... la tematica es muy buena, y como se entrecruzan las historias tambn... recomendada

RetroGamerGuys (de) wrote: Very funny with a great story. A must see!

Chelisa H (us) wrote: A good way to waste your time. There was more than enough wrong with this film, but the chemistry between the two main characters made up for it some. I would have given up had it not been for Kevin Kline's character, as Meg Ryan's was a complete headcase.

Grant J (gb) wrote: An American classic. Don't miss this one.

Suraj C (au) wrote: This is a fantastic, explosive action crime flick by John Woo. I love you John Woo! Fantastic work!!!

jimmi l (fr) wrote: Bestemt en af de bedste Chuck film.

Mary (it) wrote: Kinda silly...but interesting

James H (jp) wrote: 4.5/10. Typical 1970's Burt Reynolds film, "good ole boys" getting into trouble with tons of needless crashes and chases. A completely pointless film, only midly entertaining in a stupid sort of way.

Gordon D (de) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed this film - a great mix of gentle humour, real life situations and of course of the cat :)

Bathsheba M (fr) wrote: I'm on an animal jag now...saw this one somewhere along the line and it holds up well as a late nite DVD. Explores nicely our relationship with wild animals--what do we owe them in return for what to bring to our lives. Anyone who has ever lived with an animal can relate.

Jey A (fr) wrote: He wasn't as indestructible as the title suggests. >_>"

Michael G (fr) wrote: Marked Woman is decent but nothing to freak out over. There's not much to it besides being a precursor to On the Waterfront with an adorable Bette Davis and a seat warmer performance by Humphrey Bogart that really anyone could've done. The direction was a little off for me with too much direct eye contact but the final scene after the verdict is read was well done. There's a reason you don't hear the title Marked Woman whenever someone mentions Davis or Bogart and I'll just leave it at that...

Keira R (mx) wrote: Pretty good, but a bit fantastical. Am I supposed to believe that ONE guy (as good as he is) can take down an entire organization? C'mon!!! Total bad ass that Liam Neeson, and anything w/ Famke Janssen is the cherry on top.