Down and Derby

Down and Derby

A local Pinewood Derby competition transforms an average group of dads into overzealous rivals desperate to build the winning car. As egos swell, the kids are lucky if they get to pick the paint color. While the dads are busy with outlandish gimmicks and sabotage, the underestimated scouts pull together and discover the true meaning of sportsmanship.

A small town Pinewood Derby competition transforms an average group of dads into an awkward bunch of competitors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (gb) wrote: For the most part, it's a satisfying follow up, but the endearing and charming sense of humor from the first film is replaced with more over the top.

Greg W (ru) wrote: another civil war period pic reminded me of the superior ang lee's 'ride with the devil'

Kenneth B (au) wrote: It was semi-intentional that I watched this shortly after Hitchcock's Rope because like Rope, The Silent House appears as though it is shot in one continuous take. Hitchcock's limitation was the time in which he lived, he simply wasn't able to film for much longer than ten minutes in one continuous take. It seems as though The Silent House's claims are false as well, possibly due to the type of camera their modest budget afforded them. The cuts are well hidden, lighting being the most apparent mask so this can at least claim to have the appearance of a single take film. Either way this is a 'real-time' horror film and it thrives within the minimalist setting and production. The camera work, in terms of movement, is inventive and consistently interesting. At various points we see the action reflected in a mirror or in one excellent sequence through the lens of a polaroid camera, only seeing light when the camera flashes. It makes for a nerve-wracking moment. In fact this is quite a scary film, it certainly ruffled me more than any film has done for a while. That said it isn't perfect, despite this being a very good horror film for the most part it is mainly about the atmosphere and production, there is very little in terms of plot and when the plot does begin to thicken things do start to fall apart a bit. In fact once you start to try to make sense of the plot or the characters actions it begins to look less impressive. It is best viewed simply as a low budget chiller which has some effective scares and a convincingly ominous atmosphere.

Jeff N (au) wrote: I didn't wait long enough, apparently, to finally see this movie. The cast is very strong, but the story is weak. The directing is almost as weak. Too bad too as this was a wasted opportunity. Hex is a very strong, very interesting character. Like Marvel's Ghost Rider, I'm not sure why studios chose weak approaches to these kinds of characters. There is almost no development of anyone in this film. The short origin explanation at the beginning is all the audience gets, presumably because the rest of the story is just too strong to bog it down with character development. Sigh.

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Austin W (it) wrote: Spike Jonze has proven himself worthy of acclaim in the past with films like being john malkovich and adaptation and hes proven himself after with her but in my opinion this is his finest work. No other film in history that i have seen embodies so well the mind set of a child and how their feelings effect their imagination. Yes there are parts that make no sense but i feel that it is done intentionally because as kids we feel and do things that make no sense which is why this film is so ,incredible. It takes it's source material which is like a 30 or so page childrens book and develops this complex, dramatic, emotionally in tune film the portrays some of the most realistic emotions and characters ive ever seen. Kids may not know whats going on and probably not even most adults but if your an analytical human being that loves digging into peoples emotions or a film buff in general i cannot recommend this enough.

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