Down by Law

Down by Law

The story of three men from completely different tracks who all meet in a Louisiana prison cell and eventually begin an awkward journey together.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:English,Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   prostitute,   prison,  

The story of three different men in a Louisiana prison and their eventual journey. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Down by Law torrent reviews

Matthew A (es) wrote: Well directed & quality performance from Daley-Jones. Every guy has a little man with axe inside.

Ahmed M (mx) wrote: Perfect mixture of a good story, good acting, comedy, romance and drama.

Marc V (au) wrote: If you want to see zombies and breasts, then this is a movie with both. I guess.

Jim S (jp) wrote: Probably could have done with a bit more story and character development, but the way Charlie Sheen and Lawrence Fishburne interact with one another (and the drama between Sheen and his father) make this one worth a look.

Carlos M (es) wrote: Why this movie won so many Oscars is something that escapes me, given its annoying and poorly-paced narrative that forces us to endure an unbearable old lady and feels tremendously episodic trying to span 25 years with skips in time that are never fluid.

Michael W (us) wrote: Updated doing of the Dickens' classic has Bill Murray as ruthless tv executive. Big studio Christmas production that rings hollow and lacks any true 'spirit', with Murray often overacting. Murray's brother John appears as his brother in the film. Surely must have seemed like a good idea on paper but laughs are scant.

Calvin W (gb) wrote: Classic Mifune, good (if not a bit lengthy) rising action. Watch Yojimbo/Sanjuro first.

Byron B (mx) wrote: One of the most famous films of the French New Wave. Truffaut structures his story and cuts the film in a way that challenges the existing film conventions. Although, it is not in any way what you could call experimental in truly breaking down narrative and cinematic rules. For two decades we follow this love triangle between Catherine, Jules, and Jim. German Jules (Werner) and French Jim (Serre) find themselves on opposite sides of WWI when it breaks out. Jules is a soldier. Jim is a journalist. Before and after the war, Catherine (Moreau) is ever fickle. She wants both men to love her. Even though neither of the men are completely satisfied to have only part of her heart, they never fight. Their bond of brotherhood is too strong to settle the issue with raised voices and fists. Catherine eventually marries Jules and has a daughter, but she is endlessly restless. The film has an all encompassing feeling of freedom about it with lots of camera motion, but with an unhappy, dissatisfied edge lurking under the surface. Made and released in the very early 60s, even though the film takes place 30-50 years earlier, I could see how this film may have inspired the free love movement.

CeeGee L (it) wrote: This is one of the most intense movies I have ever seen. The beauty of the actors is amazing. The culture of New Zealand is fascinating....The screenplay is like no other.....

Carlos I (it) wrote: Oh boy... I don't remember this being that bad, but yeah... it was pretty bad. Just cheesy and cliche and not much to offer. The effects hold up decently well at least...

Matt H (us) wrote: hahaha what a piece of shit. pretty funny slasher.