Down The Shore

Down The Shore

Set on the Jersey shore, the lives of three childhood friends begin to unravel when a secret from their past is revealed

Down the Shore is an American sitcom about the lives of three childhood friends on the Jersey Shore beginning to unravel when a secret from their past is revealed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Down The Shore torrent reviews

tinneka m (br) wrote: i am dying to see this

Anna K (jp) wrote: Deeply disturbing, yet hauntingly beautiful.

Frank P (ca) wrote: Clearly a case of the audience being too stupid to appreciate a brilliant bloody movie.

Private U (nl) wrote: Not every movie is for adult audiences, this is a wonderful family movie without sex, foul language and limited violence.

First L (kr) wrote: Over the winter holidays I watched this movie at a friend's house. While this movie will never win an academy award I am a bit surprised that the ratings are so low from the professionals. To give this movie a fair shake, I think we should start with the positive aspects of this film. First of all, the entire film is shot in Greece. In every shot, there are either ancient ruins or beautiful ocean views. Second, look at the actors in this film! Great cast, and excellent acting for the material they had to work with. On the negative side, this movie is campy and for the most part predictable. Some of the lines are downright terrible, but many of the lines are so bad they actually add to the humor of this film. Overall this film doesn't take itself too seriously and you shouldn't either. This film is perfect for a lighthearted comedy that is perfect for when you have company over, won't offend people or gross them out.

Diana F (de) wrote: What I got from this film....What passes as the thin and sexy women of the senior set are the only ones entitled to male companionship, if you look or act your age you forget it.....;-)IMHO, Dyan Cannon and Sally Kellerman were obscene.......

Lenny R (br) wrote: Obviously a pretty atypical war movie (if you can even class it as that), and it's all uplifting and heartbreaking and heartwarming and all that stuff; kind of a war movie for mums, I suppose. I don't mean any of this as a criticism, because it's really just a story of humanity in adversity -- which is what all decent war movies are anyway. A good mix of characters, and a cast with no weak links (though Frances McDormand's doctor seems a bit cartoonish at times). As is mentioned in the movie, the "vocal orchestra" really is just a bunch of women humming -- and it's easy to think of it as such when you can pick out the individual parts -- though it's very well arranged and harmonious humming.

Jon L (ag) wrote: eskimos love this movie

what n (kr) wrote: Good Movie., Like to Watch it

Facebook U (gb) wrote: Crazy story of an english in africa that lives with lions, tigers, cougars, pumas, elephants. Family comes visit and are scared until they find that all these killers are sweet. Cute ending. Does not look dangerous to live with these animals in the end, in spite of what the guy that made the film said on the radio. Very simple film. Incredible shots. Filmed in California at the Shambala reserve. Dvd extras about the making of the film answer many questions about the film. Many people bit, scratched, and otherwise hurt during the filming, including the alpha male Mr Marshal (human playing the dad). There were several hospital stay, stitches, and some operations. This was the end of the naive 70s.

Nhayelli A (it) wrote: Beautiful work of human portrayal.

Joseph H (kr) wrote: I dont care to watch.

Jackson S (nl) wrote: This was really sweet and sad. Robby Benson is the best!

Aaron M (gb) wrote: a gem definitely a must see

Lisa T (jp) wrote: In my opinion th best of Elvis' films.

Gregory W (fr) wrote: good stuff all star cast

Samantha S (mx) wrote: Fantastic! Nothing like it today. An overt and amazing commentary on the woman's right to work with subtle insight into the self sabotage that keeps them from success. A definite studio movie in style and tone, but with some really modern, arresting moments thrown in.

Anjelica A (mx) wrote: I wish I could give it no stars. I cannot say enough bad things.

Richard D (us) wrote: I have never been overly fond of this film. It's a fine bit of work, but it feels like there's a ton of style laid on top of the story largely for it's own sake, and quite a lot of it seems incompatible with what's going on in the film. It's fine.

Mark K (ag) wrote: I was more intrigued than entertained. Nonetheless, this is an excellent example of a movie striving for something fresh and new, all though not for the mainstream crowd.