Deeply upset by the passing of his best friend, a professional BMX rider accepts to partake in a race in Chile. Everything goes as planned until he stumbles upon a man who is infected by a mysterious virus and becomes the target of local assassins.

After his best friend dies in a racing accident, biking star Joe agrees to go back on the wheels for an exhibition in Chile with his girlfriend. But on arrival, things almost immediately go downhill for them, locking them into a deadly race with only terror as its finish line. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Downhill torrent reviews

Christopher M (it) wrote: This may be the WORST movie I've ever seen of ANY genre!!! I only watched it to the end for two reasons. First because I was in total disbelief and I kept thinking it has to get better right!?!!! I have a friend who went to film school and his thesis movie was 10x better!!! And Secondly because I felt like it was my responsibility to mankind to save people from ever wasting this two hours of their life!!! So yes if you're looking to WASTE two hours of your life and really enjoy scary movies that put you to sleep by all means ENJOY!!! But the only thing scary about this flick is the lack of talent that permeates this steaming pile!!!

Armin S (gb) wrote: The crappiest Bollywood film I have EVER seen. I could not sit through more than 15 mins of this shite and this was in a state of "higher" consciousness and uber-libation....Nonetheless after deleting this drivel from my HD, my only regret is that I allowed this movie to even infect my eyes for a few mins. Based on the cast and setting I will give it .5 of a star; and this is being exceedingly generous!

Jiebee O (br) wrote: I loved it that after they've been to so many countries playing music for people, eventually their hometown, Iceland, still brought them the most happiness and gratitude. I was totally touched by the scene that all audience fly kites around this field while Sigur Ros are playing on the stage!

Steve R (ru) wrote: Just as good as the first and just as surprisingly entertaining.

Bill U (ag) wrote: Whether you believe in conspiracty theories or not, you should watch this. It will make you think. Good luck proving these facts inaccurate.

007 W (kr) wrote: Hot fuzz is a really good movie, good job Edgar Wright, it's pretty much got everything right on this level it's really funny, I give this an 8/10

Jason D (de) wrote: Offerings is the story of young John Radley, a misunderstood youngster who's mistreated by his mean-spirited mother. One day, his only friend, Gretchen invites him out to play, but they run across several other kids who push him down a well in a prank gone bad, which leaves John disfigured and his mind twisted, causing him to be institutionalized for 10 years until he makes his escape and goes back to the old neighborhood where he starts amassing a large body count. Thanks to his twisted logic, he offers body parts as gifts to now grown Gretchen in this unintentionally hilarious rip-off of Halloween. Ok, here are the good elements to the film: some of the intentional comedic moments are actually funny, the silent, unseen killer stalking and killing is actually off very well. Now for the bad which consists of poor quality of acting, special effects, and especially filming. A film from only 1989, the entire look and feel of the film makes it come off as a 70's movie that has aged badly. I kept forgetting it was made in 1989 because of how awful and dated the film (the actual film, people, not the movie itself) looked. Granted, the killer and the kills are fun to watch, but don't expect much of a build upon story as this film is pretty much meat and potatoes. Not bad, but not great by any means.

Cameron E (nl) wrote: It's nothing new, and definitely not that great.

Mish R (de) wrote: Quite cheeze. Loved it though.

Cameron M (mx) wrote: Funny, Frightening, and throwing in some creativity while keeping a nice nostalgic feel, Tremors is a fun creature feature.

Justin A (ru) wrote: Tupac was a great actor but this movie was just decent.