Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts

Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts

Maya Dolittle (Kyla Pratt) thinks she doesn't have to spend 7 years in college to be a vet because she can talk to animals. While taking a walk with Lucky, she helps a cat on a tree by talking to it. She gets discovered and Tiffany Monaco (Tegan Moss), a Hollywood star, brings her to L.A. to help her little puppy, who turns out to be a boy. Soon, Maya and Tiffany began creating their own show, The Animal Talkers. Maya also meets Brandon Turner (Brandon Jay McLaren) who is her love interest. Maya soon finds out the show isn't about helping animals and goes back home to study being a vet. She also finds out Brandon is at her school too. Meanwhile, Monkey is out in L.A. searching for his big break but quits because he wants to help Maya.

Aspiring veterinarian Maya DolittleĀ gets caught up in the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood scene after using her special skills as a "dog whisperer" to help a celebrity starlet's depressed Chihuahua. She is offered her own TV show, but with the help of her faithful sidekick Lucky, she is able to see past the facade and stay true to her dreams of helping animals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alli H (br) wrote: havent seen it in a long time but really good :D

Tino P (de) wrote: This teen romance flick feels like a predictable rehashing of other movies.

Guy W (jp) wrote: Totally classic 'Mayall Madness!'

Thomas K (br) wrote: When I first saw it I really disliked it intensely but as the years have gone by I find it a lot more interesting.

Jeffrey L (jp) wrote: Not a huge fan of this one. Young Fairuza Balk was good, but the story was a bit corny.

John C (kr) wrote: Enjoyable in a cheesy sort of way. Having said that, it is quite overlong even at 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Bill B (mx) wrote: I expected to like this piece of schlock a lot more than I ultimately did, as the best bits seem to have been the stuff they lured me in with for the trailer. Perhaps I will revisit one day with lowered expectations and find some laughs, but this just didn't grab me the way I expected it to.Rental? Maybe?

Orlok W (br) wrote: Superior Fun; a Noir Satire with Adventure; Intricate and Enjoyable Fare...--Fabulous Tongue-in-Cheek Film Adventure!!

Jonathan B (nl) wrote: The story of the navy destroyer Torrin is one of the quintessential British wartime movies. We follow the tale of her crew and their families through a series of battles and missions as well as more humdrum domestic scenes. It may appear somewhat stilted and wordy to a modern audience but I can't watch this classic film without being moved to tears.The script has some wonderful touches and the performances are simply brilliant. Heading the cast (and taking credit for the script and a share of the directing) is Noel Coward and I don't think he was ever bettered in the role of the stiff upper-lipped English navy captain. He manages to make a lie of the myth that we English are an unemotional race with just the tiniest of gestures or vocal inflections. Perfectly reserved but deeply moving.He is ably supported by the likes of John Mills, Bernard Miles and Richard Attenborough as members of the ship's crew and Celia Johnson, Kay Walsh and the sublime Joyce Carey (who is always a joy to watch) as the wives and girlfriends they leave behind.The unrelenting horror of the wartime situation is perfectly captured and, for people like me born in the decades following World War II it really does bring home the astonishing spirit of my parents and grandparents generation in the face of unimaginable destruction and heartache.This is straightforward storytelling that has a spirit and efficiency that modern script writers and directors could learn a huge amount from and I feel that In Which We Serve will rightly remain a perennial favourite for many years to come.

James L (ru) wrote: Begins as a crime drama and turns into a dark comedy....and while the story itself is not incredible...I think the film was reasonably entertaining and a good watch, if you can appreciate dark comedy !

Paul J (nl) wrote: What an odd little film. After making Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, McNaughton collaborated with producer Martin Scorsese and delivered this gangster/comedy/love story. The result is hit and miss. The best thing about it is in its casting. Robert De Niro & Bill Murray reverse the stereotypes. Murray plays the gangster and De Niro plays the awkward, insecure introvert. Uma Thurman brings them together. Apparently, during filming, De Niro got mad at Murray and exclaimed, "Stop trying to be so funny all the time!" Murray took this to heart and his performance is the most interesting. He withdraws and purposefully acts "not funny." It totally works. Not surprisingly, his acting would improve immensely in his upcoming movies. It seems De Niro is a good teacher. That said, despite its great character moments, the story never fully comes together. It falters here and there and the plot seems contrived and awkward. Still, the supporting characters are great to watch as well. Especially, Caruso and Starr.

Aaron O (fr) wrote: A disturbing psychological drama that tells its story beautifully. The cinematography is gorgeous and Elizabeth Olsen gives a suitably subdued but effective performance in the lead role.